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The Skinny North [En]: BMX Bandits Forever [Review]

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BMX Bandits – BMX Bandits Forever



Album Review



Album title: BMX Bandits Forever Artist: BMX Bandits Label: Elefant Records Release date: 19 May   The title of BMX Bandits Forever, the tenth full-length of the ragtag gang of indie pop favourites led by Duglas T Stewart, seems to work on a number of levels. 


First, it’s a nod to their storied history – sometimes troubled, sometimes triumphant, but never boring. Second, there’s the suggestion that it nods to the future, too, especially as long as Stewart can keep balancing the likes of the infectiously melodic It’s in Her Eyes and It’s Time with languid heartbreak like that evident on No Matter What You Say.

Third, though, BMX Bandits Forever – and we could be talking about the title, still, or the record itself here – is the kind of rallying statement you’d expect from both the members and supporters of such a feverishly-followed cult outfit. Over the course of sixteen tracks here, we get a glimpse of both the glorious past and promising future of the Bandits.










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