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Ruta 66 [Es]: BMX Bandits Forever [Review]



Radar [Es]: "BMX Bandits Forever" [Review]

BMX BANDITS Empecemos por señalar que Duglas T Stewart es uno de los músicos bri- tánicos con más pedigrí: Oasis comenzaron sien- do sus teloneros y Kurt Cobain señalo que, de tocar en otro grupo, se- ría BMX Bandits. Ade- más, Duglas ha sido figura prominente  en el desarrollo de la escena pop esco…



The Sunday Experience [En]: "It's In Her Eyes" Single [Review]

BMX BanditsIn truth i wasn’t quite expecting this, a new thing from BMX Bandits, a track taken from their recent ‘forever’ set for the elefant imprint, this one being ‘it’s in her eyes’. Possessed of an old school song craft, there’s a quaintly lolloping tan…



Orpheo [Es]: BMX Bandits Forever [Review]

  Texto: Txema Mañeru. ¡Qué mejor título para este inesperado regreso de uno de los más destacados grupos europeos de pop atemporal de todos los tiempos! Las canciones del escocés Duglas T Stewart son “Para Siempre” y había muchas ganas de volver a catar una nueva tanda de ellos. Los her…



BMX Bandits live from St Luke's in Glasgow



BBC 6, Marc Riley [En]: Session and Interview [Podcast]

Click HERE BMX Bandits Marc Riley BMX Bandits in session tonight. Founded in the 80's in Bellshill near Glasgow by main man Duglas T Stewart who writes and sings lead vocals on the songs.The group's most celebrated song is the autobiographical Serious Dru…



Evening Times [En]: BMX Bandits Duglas is a happy soul [Interview]

Times Out: BMX Bandits Duglas is a happy soulTHERE has always been more to the BMX Bandits than just sunshine.“I bumped into a guy last year who introduced himself by saying ‘I once threw a pint glass at you in Aberdeen in the 80s’,” recalls Duglas T Stewart, the band’…











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