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Rese?a "Crayon Angel. A Tribute To The Music Of Judee Sill"

Trembling Blue Stars [Rockdelux]foto: Archivo Elefant



Rese?a "The last holy writer"

Trembling Blue Stars [Jamacuco Fanzine]foto: Archivo Elefant



Rese?a "Exploring the shadows"

Trembling Blue Stars [Indie tracks]foto: Archivo Elefant



The last holy writer

    elefant2007Indie Pop - Electro PopBlueboy - The Orchids - Belle & Sebastian - The Field Mice - Northern Picture Library - The Wake - Mazzy Star - Saint Etienne - New Order - The Cure - Slowdive    Trembling Blue Stars restera a tout jamais lié à Field Mice, le premier groupe de son leade…



The last holy writer

TREMBLING BLUE STARSThe Last Holy Writer(Elefant) 2007alt-popdi Francesco AmorosopluslessBobby Wratten fino ad oggi non mi ha mai tradito. Fino ad oggi mi è sempre stato vicino, nei momenti tristi come in quelli felici, nella povertà e nella ricchezza, nella salute e nella malattia, come se, da qu…



"The Last Holy Writer"

Trembling Blue Stars"The Last Holy Writer"(Elefant)Rating: 8/10Really, it should never have come to this. If ever there was a band designed for just the one album, it’s surely Trembling Blue Stars, whose opening gambit, the fondly-remembered Her Handwriting, was entirely designed as a cathartic ru…



Rese?a "Exploring the shadows"

Trembling Blue Stars [Soundsxp]foto: Archivo Elefant











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