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Histéricas Grabaciones [Es]: Entrevista a The School

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Entrevista a Liz de The School


The School incia una gira presentación de su nuevo disco "Wasting Away And wondering"

The School son un numeroso grupo surgido en Cardiff y liderado por Liz (voz, antiguamente en The Loves). Sabiendo asimilar la influencia de los girl-groups de los años sesenta (The RonettesThe Shangri-La's) con la luminosidad de los grupos de pop folk actuales (Belle & SebastianCamera Obscura), desde su llegada a Elefant en el año 2007, han entregado un puñado de singles y tres discos largos que nos han hecho temblar de ternura y emoción.

Tras el éxito de sus primeros single "All I wanna do" y "Let it slip" comienzan una imparable gira por Reino Unido, realizan exitosos conciertos en Italia, y actúan también en USA, Alemania, Francia, Noruega y Suecia. Realizan importantes sesiones para los programas más importantes de la BBC y aparecen en innumerables listas como uno de los grupos más prometedores del año.

The School vuelven con un disco mayúsculo, en el que madurez y frescura conforman una inusual fórmula que, a base de soul, pop y rhythm'n blues, disparan las cotas de brillantez y optimismo. Un tercer álbum muy esperado por la gran cantidad de fans que el grupo ha ido reclutando en todo el mundo tras el éxito obtenido con sus discos anteriores y sus fantásticos conciertos.



Why The School as a name for a band?

At first it was because it looked good written down, but as I added more band members like the violins and trumpet it really seemed to fit. I don't think a band name matters anyway, they are all terrible! After a while the words are not relevant, just the feelings you get when you hear the band name.


The songs of The School sounds like Pop, Soul and  R&B, a fantastic mix of styles that results in the exquisite sound of your music. What are really your musical influences?

Loads of decades of pop music, I absorb it all like a sponge!  I love 50s/60s music like Brian Wilson, Phil Spector and all the 'girl groups', Girls In The Garage, singers like Francoise Hardy, but also bands like The Zombies, The Left Banke, psych/garage bands.. 70s rock/pop like Blondie and The Ramones have meant so much to me, and as a child I was surrounded by lots of 80s pop like Madness, Dexy's, Pet Shop Boys, David Bowie - these have had a huge influence on me and apparently I was singing all the harmonies when I was 6. I was as teenager during Britpop, going to gigs from age 15, then I got into Sonic Youth, Pavement, Pixies when I was in college, then into indie pop bands like Belle & Sebastian and Camera Obscura in my 20s. I try to listen to as much music as possible, which I guess explains the mix of styles. I'm obsessed with discovering old bands I've never heard and finding new music - current favourites are Alvvays, Summer Twins, Ezra Furman, Hinds, Shannon & The Clams, Twerps, anything on Fortuna Pop and Elefant,


What inspires you when to make your songs?

They're all semi-autobiographical, most of the time they'll stem from a past experience or feeling, then they'll go in another direction. Or it could be about someone I know. They're all about love, relationships and friendships. I write songs in all different places too - sometimes in the shower, sometimes while I'm driving, and I dreamt a song on our last album. I never force myself to write, but if it's been a while I find it helps if I listen to as many records as possible.


Can you tell a story or anecdote around the recording of your last album "Wasting Away And Wondering"?

The album title comes from themes that kept popping up in the songs I was writing at the time. Several songs are about those times when you assess your life and whether you're happy - it could be a job, relationship, house.. these are always interesting parts of your life. Maybe you think you've been wasting your life and make a change ('Wasting Away and Wondering'), or you could realise you're completely happy where you are ('Every Day'). 


What are your plans for this new year 2016? We assume that touring around clubs and festivals. Can you advance anything to us? Any important event?

We're about to support BMX Bandits at the 100 Club in London, which is really special for us. We're playing Glasgow and Sunderland, then we're going to tour Spain! In March we're playing a festival I organise called Wales Goes Pop in Cardiff, then later in the year Elefant are reissuing our debut album 'Loveless Unbeliever' (as part of their 25th anniversary celebrations) so there'll be a couple of special concerts for that too.


Do you think the digital world will end with music as we know it today? What do you think is the future of music?

I think we're still getting used to it even now, with legalities and payment structures, and how musicians use digital music and social media. We're lucky that a lot of our fans buy our music on vinyl and CD, as well as digitally - I think the future of music is a mix of physical and digital formats.


What is your best memory about music?

I have a few from different times - I remember being 4 and singing along to 'You Can't Hurry Love' with my brother into a mic and cassette player. Reading Festival 1997 was my first festival and had a huge impact on me, watching bands like Kenickie and Manic Street Preachers. My old band The Loves got to record four John Peel sessions and we played on Valentine's Day live from Peel Acres, where they fed us heart-shaped pizzas. When someone heard my demo tape and thought it was good ('Valentine'), even though I didn't do anything with it for 5 years.


How is a normal day in the life of a member of The School?

On Mondays for example, I work at a music venue in Cardiff where I book shows and promote bands. Afterwards I'll go to the post office with some Elefant UK mail orders, then in the evening I normally have some band admin to do, or possibly go to a gig. I'm self-employed with 3 part-time jobs as well the band, so things can get a little hectic, but never dull.


Could you tell us about...

... A book?: -

... A movie?: The last film I watched was 'Amy', I'm about to watch 'Love and Mercy'.

... A song?: I'm trying to think of my favourite songs of 2015 (that aren't on Elefant) - 'No News From Home' by Houndstooth'Outta Town' by Jeffrey Lewis'Vince' by Sacred Paws'Hinterland' byLonelady'Keep Me' by Pesky.

... An album?: I've just had loads of new albums for my birthday, but my favourite recent one is byChorusgirl.

... A group or soloist?: The last new favourite act I discovered is Peaness from Chester, UK. I've just booked TacocatThe Burning HellSeptember Girls and Wussy to play in Cardiff so I'm really looking forward to seeing those.

... A hobby?: I like going on daytrips


Thank you very much. Best wishes from Spain,

Thank you - we can't wait to be back in Spain!! Liz 










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