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Dagger Zine [En]: "Wasting Away And Wondering" [Crítica]

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Like another UK bunch who they remind me a bit of, Camera Obscura, I wish this Cardiff, Wales bunch would make it over to these shores. C.O. were getting over here every few years but sadly, I’m not sure if The School ever have (maybe a stop in NYC at the popfest, perhaps). Anyway, for those keeping score this is LP #3 (along with a handful of eps and singles) and the band sound as wonderfully Spector-esque as they always have. Vocalist Liz Hunt has been accused of sounding like Sarah Cracknell and I don’t believe she trying, it’s just how the vocals come out of her mouth (not that I’d car anyway, I lvo both of their vocals) while the rest of the band build up pocket symphonies with plenty of horns, keyboards, tambourine and the like. Opening cut “Every Day” sets the tone perfectly while both Hunt and the band just sound so spot on. About mid-record they rattle off this string of classics starting with “Don’t Worry Baby (I don’t love you anymore)” and then right into the touching, short , acoustic  “My Heart’s Beating Overtime” right into the bouncy title track and then, into what I consider to be the crown jewel of the record, “Do I Love You?” (Hunt’s vocals are especially impressive on this record), all sweeping and majestic. They end the record strong as well (twelve songs in all) So there you have it, if the sweet, sultry, Northern Soul sounds of bands like St. Etienne or Allo Darlin’ strike a chord within you then you’ll love The School. And you should you really should. www.elefant.com










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