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A Musical Priority [En]: "Wasting Away And Wondering" [Reseña]

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The School
Wasting Away And Wondering


Wasting Away and Wondering is the third album from The School, who are arguably the greatest pop band in the universe right now. For me pop music has always meant something, something that enters our lives, sweeps us off our feet, brightens up even the darkest of days and makes us feel glad to be alive. The School have always managed to do all that and more, and this third album is quite possibly the finest the band have recorded and that really is saying something.    


‘Every Day’ opens Side A with a glorious, whimsical melody that will instantly get inside your head. The arrangement of this song, together with every song on the album, is just perfect; every sound you hear on the album has been put there for a reason and not just as an afterthought. ‘Love Is Anywhere You Find It’ is such a sweet love song “Love is all around you everyday, and I’m happy just to say I found you”, held together tightly by infectious melodies and exquisite drumming. If ‘All I Want From You Is Everything’ fails to get you up dancing and sweep you off your feet on a tidal wave of happiness then you really do take yourself too seriously. The album is full, and I do mean full, of one great pop song after another. ‘Til You Belong To Me’ sees the band nod their head in the direction of Motown with the brass section giving the song that extra something. Once again the lyrics are from the heart “I’ve waited oh so long, now I’m the lucky one”. ‘Don’t Worry Baby (I Don’t Love You Any More)’ gives the album a slow, tender moment to end side A as Liz sings about letting go “This time I know I’ll be much better off without you around”. The School have never shied away from their influences and this song in particular sees the band showing their respect to Burt Bacharach.    


Side B opens with ‘Wasting Away And Wondering’, another fantastic uplifting song with a saxophone solo from the much-loved Sweet Baboo. ‘Do I Love You’ is absolutely faultless, the way the verses and chorus combine is heaven-sent. ‘He’s Gonna Break Your Heart One Day’ sees a darker side of The School, but even when they do dark I guarantee you will still be smiling. ‘Put Your Hand In Mine’ is yet another beautiful song that will tug on your heartstrings. ‘I Will See You Soon’ is a song about saying goodbye to someone special all played out over dazzling melodies. The album closes with a fantastic sing-along with the whole band joining in to provide a very memorable song to leave the listener glowing from the inside out as the band sing “My arms they feel like nothing when they’re without you, nothing seems to feel the way you do”.    


I really dread to imagine what a world without The School recording music would be like. If your world has yet to be enriched by the wonderful pop music of The School, I urge you not to waste another second. Buy ‘Wasting Away and Wondering’ then discover their back catalogue and I guarantee you will see the world as a much brighter place.    












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