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Brandish Tv [Uk]: Reseña Single 7" "Lose The Reason"


The Primitives return with ace new single Lose The Reason and early recordings comp Everything’s Shining Bright




One of the most pleasant surprises of recent years has been the welcome, but very unexpected, return of 80s/90s power popsters The Primitives. After a hiatus of the best part of two decades the band re-ignited with a series of hugely entertaining gigs which they then followed with an inspired covers album.

Clearly the band has unfinished business for yesterday saw a brand new single sneaking out on iTunes, Spotify and vinyl.

If you loved the band first time round you will also adore thew A side Lose The Reason. It is perfect pop of the type that they had got off to a tee by the time they recorded their second album Pure and it has chorus that will lodge itself in your brain and won’t move for days.

Its flip, Always Coming Back, has more than whiff of the brilliantly cheesy country-esque adventures of one Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood and comes with an addictive shuffling beat and twangy guitar.

The band will be playing live too – details here - and also their very earliest recordings are getting a re-run courtesy of Cherry Red. Personally I think songs like We Found A Way To The Sun are up there with the best indie music of the late 80s.












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