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This Wreckage [En]: Fool of a Kind

Fool of a KindAs the year has progressed, several great singles and EPs have been released for which I have written reviews or should have written reviews.  I’ve waited for many of these bands to go ahead and release new full length albums before offering my thoughts, but several have not yet…



Blood Buzze [En]: Best EPs of the Year 2014

Best EPs of the Year 2014  After the best concerts' list, it's time for the EPs. As you know, many times best things in life come in small packages, so we couldn't miss the chance to review the best 15 EPs of the year (no singles, 3 to 6 songs). Nothing more to say, just play it loud & …



Discussions Magazine [En]: ELEFANT RECORDS' latest releases!

SPAZ reviews ELEFANT RECORDS' latest releases!           For Pop aficionados, there is no modern record label more exciting or invigorating thanElefant Records.  Whether you are a fan of Power Pop, Baroque Pop, Dance Pop, Lounge Pop, or any other type of melodically-inclined …



Fred Perry Subculture [En]: Marine Life

  Marine Life Growing up in California is key for MARINE LIFE, as is the influence of Des de Leon Nicolas’s grandfather, who was a Big Band composer and band leader. From GARY LEWIS AND THE PLAYBOYS to Astrud Gilberto, from AZTEC CAMERA to THE SUNDAYS, Des channels her inspirations, influences…



Revolutions Per Minute [En]: Marine Life “Fool of a Kind”

EP Review: Marine Life “Fool of a Kind”Posted on October 20, 2014by Tom Emanuel Much of what you need to know about San Francisco indie popsters Marine Life can be gleaned from the fact that they’re labelmates with Camera Obscura and a quick glance at the cover to their debut EP, …



Shook Down [Es]: Lia Pamina y Marine Life

LIA PAMINA Y MARINE LIFE, EN NEW ADVENTURES IN POP Elefant Records presentaba durante el día de ayer los dos nuevos lanzamientos de su serie New Adventures In Pop, dos lanzamientos en formato 7” y edición numerada y limitada de 500 copias. Los protagonistas del lanzamiento son Lia Pamina, que …



Zona Musical [Es]: Lia Pamina y Marine Life

La colección de singles de vinilo de Elefant Records continúa con Lia Pamina y Marine Life.  Elefant Records reactiva su colección New Adventures in Pop, donde se da voz a esos artistas desconocidos en su mayoría para el público. En esta ocasión, el single de Lia Pamina esconde a grandes secundario…











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