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Redefine Mag [Es]: Album Covers Of The Year 2015

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Lightning In The Twilight Hour – Fragments Of A Former Moon (Elefant)

Artwork & Design by David Duprez and Luis Calvo of Elefant



“I always like all related to Bobby Wratten’s music and projects, I’m a huge fan of his art. I like the atmospheres of his songs, and I was sure that a clean, minimal, and refreshing image could fit very well for his new project. Starting from album’s name, Fragments of a Former Moon, I prepared some visual concepts trying to express some kinetic image that represents a falling moon. After find the way with some falling rings, I try to find some color combination that represents the emotions that you can find in the album’s melodies. The combination of reds and yellow in a gradient form, over an infinite warm grey was the winner.” – David Duprez, Artist & Designer










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