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Quisalento [It]: “We Love Gilberto EP” Reseña



Rockdelux [Es]: "We Love Gilberto EP" Reseña

Pincha AQUI



Salon De Resonance [Jp]: Entrevista

peopleこの人のすてきなこと   ジョルジオ・トゥマを訪ねて南イタリアへ。2016年の3月16 日に新しいアルバム『This Life Denied Me Your Love』をリリースしたイタリアのシンガーソングライターのジョルジオ・トゥマ。彼の音楽は…



Tipo [En]: This Life Denied Me Your Love. Interview with Giorgio Tuma and Lætitia Sadier

This Life Denied Me Your Love. Interview with Giorgio Tuma and Lætitia Sadier By Alberto ZanettiWe must thank Facebook if today we can enjoy the fruit of a collaboration between Giorgio Tuma, one of most appreciated Italian talents abroad, and ex Stereolab Lætitia Sadier, who recently gave her…



Super World Indie Tunes [En]: This Charming Man: Interview with Giorgio Tuma

Giorgio Tuma, from Lecce, grew up listening to bands like The  Clash, Stereolab, Nick Drake, The Beach Boys and many others. He began writing songs with all of these influences in mind and his lyrics deal mostly with childhood memories mixed with references to the fantasy worlds of fairs, roller c…



Repubblica [It]: Chi Cerca Trova e ascolta Giorgio Tuma [Entrevista]



Cool Club [It]: Giorgio Tuma, Un cantautore Romántico [Entrevista]

GIORGIO TUMA, UN CANTAUTORE “ROMANTICO” Giorgio Tuma è un artista d’altri tempi, di quelli lontani, per scelta, dai riflettori, periferici rispetto al glamour e alle mode del momento. Un innamorato cronico della bellezza, un ricercatore appassionato, un visionario. I suoi dischi sono da sem…











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