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AllMusic [En]: "Salu2" [Reseña]


AllMusic Review by Paul Simpson [-]

Indie pop group Axolotes Mexicanos (who are actually from Spain, not Mexico) make overwhelmingly giddy, cheerful-sounding music influenced by pop-punk, new wave, and J-pop. The kicker is that their lyrics are far from innocent, and sometimes quite disturbing, detailing obsessions, fantasies, and emotional turmoil. They'll often write songs about stalking or revenge, as well as deep alienation caused by relationships -- one of their songs, "Interestelar," is even about an affair with an extraterrestrial. Following a few brief EPs and mini-album Holi <3, Salu2 is the group's most ambitious work yet, embracing synths and modern pop production as well as more complex arrangements. The lyrics, of course, are as piercing as the hooks, detailing bitter loneliness and frustration after a tumultuous breakup or in the middle of a toxic relationship. Following the slightly shoegazey instrumental "Intro" and the speedy pop-punk tune "Astor," "Doble Check" is a neon, pixelated burst of futuristic pop, heavy on glitches and chiptune melodies, and while the vocals sound exceedingly sugary, the lyrics are about suffering through anxiety attacks and insomnia while waiting for a lover to respond. "Nacida Para Sufrir" is a rush of pure punk energy, accompanied by in-depth lyrics about murder and revenge. "Sin Ti" seems to borrow the melody from the Keyboard Cat videos popular on YouTube, masking the lyrics about a killer hangover and losing the will to live. A few songs flirt with trap-influenced drum programming, while "Farmacia" (about the woes of dealing with birth control) has a lightly skipping reggaeton-like beat. The album is handily summed up by its final tune, a minute-long stream of obscenities titled "Debora Tartas." As shocking as Axolotes' lyrics are, they're often strangely relatable, and somehow the combination of dark humor and excessively sweet music isn't quite as ironic as it may seem. Salu2 is an incredibly fun, forward-thinking album of twisted pop songs.










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