GIORGIO TUMA: New digital single for "Innocenza Cetra"

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Every time we receive new Giorgio Tuma songs at the Elefant Records office, we lose ourselves in elegies commenting on the infinite genius of this Italian songwriter. Capable of bringing tropicalia to Henry Mancini’s melodies, heir to the melodic deposits of his country’s greats like Gino Paoli, and fantastic dreamer of space voyages in the company of Brian Wilson, Giorgio Tuma’smusic is the perfect soundtrack for paradise. We can’t imagine any better music to accompany moments of ecstatic and infinite pleasure.

“In The Morning We'll Meet” was a necessary giant step toward world recognition for such an artist, as the prestigious magazine Mojo recently emphasized, when they gave his album four stars, and not without first inviting their readers to “succumb to the climax you can’t escape from, like those great seduction scenes”. And like a great seductor, Giorgio Tuma reveals his weapons one by one, always leaving us wanting more.

The latest is the digital single, “Innocenza Cetra”, a sublime love song taken from the previously mentioned album, and seems like a Mediterranean ode written under a blanket of stars, lulled by the swollen whispers of violins. “Montegrappa”, a previously unreleased track, is a clear demonstration of the terrain that Tuma is most comfortable in, with a jazz-pop full of delicate arrangements, winds that explode among synthesizers which make us lose our sense of gravity, and unforgettable melodies. Finally there is “Gorni Koala”, taken from our Space Escapade compilation, and it is a refreshing bath on the beaches of Bahía, with that sun whose light particles crumble under the sea’s effect. Theperfect treatment for your pessimism.

And while we’re enjoying this latest release, we continue to stare dumbly at the sky, thinking of all those moments we refuse to forget, waiting for new Giorgio Tuma songs, which remind us how wonderful it is to be alive.

TRACKLIST: 01. Innocenza Cetra 02. Montegrappa 03. Gorni Koala






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