Trembling Blue Stars


Disco: Alive To Every Smile [2001]
Autor: Bobby Wratten

So we'll just be

The greatest couple that never were

And I won't think we

Stand a chance if we never did


If you've never been mine

Then I guess I can't be losing you

So everything's all right

Your heart's not breaking

And I don't feel as I do


I know you're suffering

I put trouble where there wasn't any

I know what I've done

You know I take your words

For use as ammunition


But I do it because

I'm scared and searching for ways that lead to you

And I do it because

We're in love and it's obvious


It's the rest of our lives

That's all you're making a difference to

And it's the rest of our lives

I watch unfolding when I know I shouldn't do