The Pancakes

I Know

Disco: Flying In The Blue Sky On A Frying Pan [2001]
Autor: Dejay Choi Ming Lai © Elefant Publishing

I’ve got a house but its not my home

I’ve got some friends but I’m still alone

I’ve got a dream but it won’t come true

This I know


I know the stars twinkle every night

I see the clouds bloccking all the light

I know that we can’t be together even if we want

I know I know


And so the sunset sunrise I’m used to

And all the days and weeks and years I’ve gone through

The weather is too much too cold here

I’d rather stay there for the rest of my life


I’ve got some clothes but I still feel cold

I’ve tried to try but they still says no

I feel so lonely all the time but there’s no one to hold


I p ushed the door but it’s too be pulled

I went along and became a fool

I went to buy the trumpet I’d been saving for

But it’s sold it’s sold it’s sold