The Pancakes

Mood Yau Guy Why [I Didn't Mind]

Disco: Flying In The Blue Sky On A Frying Pan [2001]
Autor: Dejay Choi Ming Lai © Elefant Publishing

I really want some happiness and sadness

Could you give me some

Everybody says I’m too stupid

Can I accept it


Take a look at the moon in the sky

Shining at very him

I thought about it and smiled

In fact I didn’t mind


Take a look at my face

It’s full of tears

But it doesn’t mean that I’m sad

It doesn’t mean that my heart is broken


I made a dream

Barbecuing on the beach

Everybody was equally happy

They felt wary

I don’t wanna be controlled

I wanna fly into the night sky

To say hallo to the little stars


Though I smile

Though I seem to have a good life

It doesn’t mean that I’m happy

It doesn’t mean that it’s the truth


I made a dream

Building sand castle on the beach

As a matter of fact

Everybody was only me myself

Londy alone

I believe everything in the dream

It’s too red

I don’t know how to while away

Every second every minute happily