The Pancakes

Skinner's Mouse

Disco: Flying In The Blue Sky On A Frying Pan [2001]
Autor: Dejay Choi Ming Lai © Elefant Publishing

What they think that suits the norm

The proper uniform


So I went into the bank

And gave up all the bands

Spent my whole life’s savings

In those so-called basic wears


That’s not what I want

But people always say that

You can’t make cows bend their necks

If they don’t wanna drink


Then I walked down the streets

With pride and prejudice

But those with trendy clothes on

Then of something else they’re fond


So I went to the bank

And asked them for a hand

But they didin’t give a damn

Cos no gun’s in my hand


Not regret what I’ve done

Just rue what’s given up

Cos all my previous favourite bands’ve 

Become their favourite now