The Pancakes

Nonsense Poetry

Disco: Flying In The Blue Sky On A Frying Pan [2001]
Autor: Dejay Choi Ming Lai © Elefant Publishing

Here it comes the sun

Here it comes the number one

Struggling through the rain

Smuggled in a non-stop train


If you come 

Come by run

It will bring us much more fun


Playing puns

Eating buns

Doing what we haven’t done


Write me however you won’t

Listen to what you can’t hear

Touch what you’re unable to feel

Sniff what you’re unable to smell


Now the drugs won’t work

And the memories only hurt

Sit where as I please

Writing nonsense poetries


What if I’ve eaten your popcorn

Would it turn you on

What if I tell you sunday is gone

Would you blow the horn