Bubble Tea And Cigarettes

He Asked Me To Quit Smoking

Disco: There’s Nothing But Pleasure [2022]
Autor: Andi Wang - Ruinan Zhang © Elefant Publishing

We broke up

He asked me to quit smoking but I can't

I said go fuck yourself baby cuz we're done

One more pathetic ending only to forget about


Now I'm drunk

Maybe this wine is better than a boyfriend

Maybe my life already reached a dead end

I have my youth and beauty but they all have gone to waste


Fucking sad

I thought those pretty boys like you could save me

But all they did was making me so empty

I guess I'm better on my own


Nothing's gonna give me more pleasure

Don't have no one to be my savior

If I stay I'll get trapped forever

I'm so sick of being a loser


I'll go paint my nails black, so charming

Dye my hair the color that I like

Live the life my girl and it'll be fine


Now I'm gone

Walking on the empty street all alone

But I don't give a shit about right or wrong

Slow dancing with my shadow singing to my favorite song

How devine