Bubble Tea And Cigarettes


Disco: There’s Nothing But Pleasure [2022]
Autor: Andi Wang - Ruinan Zhang © Elefant Publishing

Where would you go?

Would you go somewhere quiet and dark

Just me and you?

Your sweet perfume got me so loose


Peel off your guard

Kiss it hard

Leave your lips mark on my neck tattoo

Cover my youth, it's now my wound


The neon shining red and blue

Your hands in my hair crossing through


Burst in a spark

Said your life is a firework

Shined and faded soon

Remains the nights of endless gloom


Drugs in the blood

Maybe I'm dead inside but still tryna refuse

Baby will you be my rescue?


At last we've got nothing to lose

And I'm glad now I'm here with you


Liz, are you hurt?

When you hurt, do you cry in dark

And no one knew?

But I can't help cuz I hurt too


Take off your shoes

We'll go fly somewhere soft and warm

Just me and you

The grasses green, the flowers bloom


I've lived this long without a clue

Fearing my future, it's so doomed

But I'm glad now I'm here with you