Bubble Tea And Cigarettes

Santa Monica

Disco: There’s Nothing But Pleasure [2022]
Autor: Andi Wang - Ruinan Zhang © Elefant Publishing

Cruise down the violet street

Hearing the wind blows by

You’re sitting next to me

But would it be our last ride


I know I'll never win your heart

Chasing the sun till it gets dark

Watching your silhouette with tears light up

I'm not who you're crying for


Fool me not?

So pretty its delusional

Is this love ended or it never started?

Won't ask it, I'll let go


I'm lost in love

I've lost it all


My story ended here but yours goes on

Owning you just one last mile


"Hold me now"

I know I'll never say it out

This love has ended and it never started

Perhaps you'll never know


I'm lost in love

I've lost it all

I'm lost in love