Le SuperHomard

Black Diamond

Disco: Meadow Lane Park [2019]
Autor: Christophe Vaillant - Yoanna Claquin © Elefant Publishing / Alter K Publishing

Wet leaves shining in the night

Like black diamonds capture light

At the crossroads there’s no sign of life

But I know I’ve made it right on time, just wait

A man appears now in a suit, no mistake

A spark of mischief in his eyes, and a smile

I hand over my guitar and watch

It tuned by the man whose grin outshines the moon

His melody springs in the dark

Enchanting both my lonely soul and yearning heart

Now I know for sure

My fate is sealed

I go by so many names

A moniker for each new day

I have a hellhound right on my trail

Ain’t no point running boy when it’s time to play

Time to play

Time to pay