Le SuperHomard

Door After Door

Disco: Meadow Lane Park [2019]
Autor: Christophe Vaillant - Pandora Burgess © Elefant Publishing / Alter K Publishing

It’s all about a girl who’s walking in the street trying to find a way to flee

The only way for her to live is to escape, find a door, find a gate


She knows her days in here in the city come to an end

And the idea of being freed, freed from the void

Is so liberating but


As she slides her back against the shop windows under her palms, wall after wall

Swallowing her up and sucking her back in

Like a mouth: door after door


Because she feels so small and insignificant she wants out


Going nowhere in the middle of everyone's anonymity


Cos rather than finding herself in the midst of nowhere

She was going nowhere in the middle of everyone...