Le SuperHomard

Under A Charm

Disco: Springtime EP [2018]
Autor: Christophe Vaillant - Yoanna Claquin © Elefant Publishing / Alter K Publishing

Sometimes I feel like telling you

Everything I ought to

That’s working my mind


Whether you want me to

I don’t care because it’s true


Better buckle up now girl

We’re in for a ride


There is some magical spell on me


It’s a call straight to your soul

Every time you are blue

You’ll never be alone no more


Here is one to your heart

Don’t forget that you are gold


All the memories we have gathered

A long long time ago

Come now don’t you be a stranger

You’re still running the show


I feel something I can’t define

The world has got a new shine

Maybe I’ve gone blind?


Under a charm or two

Maybe I have been voodooed?


Under a charm or two

Under a charm or two




I remember the radio station

(Still) playing that old tune

Vaporized out of oblivion

The dark side of the moon

The dark side of the moon