The Last Detail

Fun Fair

Disco: Fun Fair [2018]
Autor: Mehdi Zannad © Elefant Publishing

This one’s for you

Beaming of blue

Now it’s your turn for a ride

You’re chasing me in the neon night

Your eyes so bright in the night

Forever more

You locked the door to your tender heart

Oh, can’t you see the child in me?

Oh, don’t worry now


You’re changing fast

And seconds last

A blinking flash in the night

Your kisses sweet

I feel so weak

I try to hide from your sight


Just for a while give me a smile

So clear and new

So, I can see the child in you

Oh, don’t worry now


Collect your price

Let’s do it nice

And peacefully

Pull apart


I try to be the one you see

But now I’m left in the dark

In the dark