The Primitives

Panic [Radio Session]

Disco: Five Fluffy Favourites [Part Time Punks Session] [2018]
Autor: Daniel Green - Don Marchand

Nothing like you ever happened to me before

I know what to do, so what am I waiting for


Right now my lips won’t kiss you

And I can’t get my arms to move

I feel like my feet are planted 

And I can’t get my mind to groove


I’m in a panic


When I look at you, I get chills up and down my spine

The feeling is new, so please won’t you give me time


Right now my soul is trembling

And I can’t get my heart to speak

Butterflies in my stomach

And my knees are feeling weak


I’m in a panic


Take my hand, come on pull me close to you

Do what you can and do what you have to do


I’ll be the kind of lover that a guy like you deserves

When there’s a fire within me, and I not just a bundle of nerves


I’m in a panic

Such a panic