Soft Regime

Capri Underground

Disco: Hard Feelings [2018]
Autor: Christian Flamm - Tim Benton © Elefant Publishing

They say it started

So many years ago

But always stayed below the surface

Those other places

Well they've all had a go

But here, they've pushed

The envelope the furthest


And you'll never find the clubs 

If you're wondering above

But deep inside the grotto

There's a sign

Give the doorman rhubarb gin

Well they say he'll let you in 

And it will open up your mind


On the isle of Capri

The subculture beyond the sea

I hear it is the only place to be

And now you know

You're sworn to secrecy


And once you enter

You'll feel you don't belong

But still you're drawn in all the same

I've heard the music

Is played on brand new tones

By forward thinking bands

With backwards names


And anyone who's been

Says it's like you're in a dream

And all your preconceptions will explode

And anyone who knows

Wears custom espadrilles 

As a kind of secret code


On the isle of Capri 

The subculture beyond the sea 

Forget the yachts and bourgeoisie 

The underground is where you got to be 


On the isle of Capri

The subculture beyond the sea

To arrive by boat would be obscene

Let's check it out in my submarine