Soft Regime

Wild Swimming [With Dickon]

Disco: Hard Feelings [2018]
Autor: Christian Flamm - Tim Benton © Elefant Publishing

Sometimes you need 

To filter out the sounds of the city

Beyond the trees

The river is waiting patiently 


What lies below

We're certainly can not be sure

We stash our clothes

We won't be needing them no more

Take a deep breath

What are you hesitating for? 


Into the unknown

We dive in

We're all alone

We're wild swimming 


Just out of reach of the trees 

It's all becoming so clear

Kicking up clouds with our feet

Nobody knows we are here


Beyond the rocks & the reeds

How far do you think we can go?

Being ignored by the geese

And long may it remain so 


I know that deep down

We're wild things

And we might just drown

We're wild swimming 


We should go

We should go

Dry out on the rocks

And we should take ourselves home

We should go

We should go

There's something going on out here

That we could never know 


But this could be the start 

Of our daring escape

We'll keep on swimming out 

Until we find our fate

We could lose it all

Down the Riechenbach Falls

It's a chance we'll take


Into the unknown

We dive in

We're not going home

We're wild swimming…