Trembling Blue Stars

Letter Never Sent

Disco: Lips That Taste Of Tears [1998]
Autor: Bobby Wratten

If I knew you didn't miss me

If I knew you didn't think of me

If I knew your feelings for me

Were dead and buried

It would be hard, but not as hard as

This knowing you still care

It would be easier

Than knowing there's still something there


I know how you don't need this

But I just can't keep quiet

You've left me feeling so lost

Where do I go with it?

I know you have a new life

I know you're not unhappy

I know that he's good to you 

But don't you just want things easy?


So go ahead and hate me

I know I promised I would leave it 

A troublemaker's what you've made me

But can't you see we're worth it?

We just belong together

I think somewhere inside you know it

Would you admit it ever?

I just don't think it's complicated


Life shouldn't be about

I'm happy, but

I just think you should chase


For love


I guess all I'm really saying

Is how I think you're wrong here

And some things are worth the chaos

That they come along with

Don't you want more?

Don't you want to burn?

Burn again?