BMX Bandits

Ferdinand’s Cathedral [With Dr Cosmo's Tape Lab]

Disco: It's In Her Eyes [2017]
Autor: Duglas T. Stewart - Stuart Kidd - Joe Kane - Norman Blake © Elefant Publishing

Mailbag so heavy

And feet covered in sores

I walk muddy paths and no paths at all

But I walk with nature 

She's a good friend to me

And I'll start to praise her

As soon as I'm free


Three letters for Arton and one for Defu

Twenty miles home and then I'll through

But there's no rest for the wicked 

And there'll be none for me 

I'll start my real work 

And in heaven I'll be


I'll build my own cathedral

Towering up to the sky

I can hear them all laughing

And wondering why...

I'm just a humble postman 

But following God's master plan

I'll build him a cathedral

Build it the best that I can


For more than three decades I've built everyday

Staircases and towers

Stone, wire and clay

And when I'm finished, finished quite soon

I will start working on building my own tomb