Camera Obscura

The Last Song

Disco: Tears For Affairs [2007]
Autor: Tracyanne Campbell

I can't call you my phone will be relieved

You can't call me 'cause someone else will feel deceived

I don't understand this how did you get hold of me?

You've got me questioning my fidelity


I'll send a package in the post

I've got love to send

Should I want you the most?

It feels like I have no defense


The tree in my garden is blossoming still

It's late this year it's just like me it’s wavering

Going through the motions I want to be at home

It's an effort to get on this plane at all


It was love for sure

Every cliché in the book

I loved you more and more with every desperate look


Don't thank me for breakfast with your naked skin

Don't lie don't pretend you feel anything

My heart is no longer a friend of mine

It wants to betray me most of the time


I love you my darling

I love you my friend

I love you my darling

But It feels like is the end