Disco: Kingfisher Bluez Split Singles Club [2015]
Autor: Joe Moore © Elefant Publishing

I cross to the other side of the street

When he walks by

I turn my head away

‘Cause I can’t look him in the eye


He walks into the room

I get up, and move away

When he talks, I hide my face

‘Cause I can’t think what to say...


‘Cause I’m too shy

To tell him how I’m feeling

To let him know that I’m dreaming, about him

‘Cause I’m too shy

To even know how to kiss him

To show him what he’d be missing

Now he’s somebody else’s guy

‘Cause I’m too shy


I try to catch his eye

But he won’t even notice me

What chance have I, of having him

When the girls never let him be?