Lightning In A Twilight Hour


Disco: Fragments Of A Former Moon [2015]
Autor: Robert James Wratten © Elefant Publishing

Judgements that were harsh

Did not see me change

So what if for this world

I was not meant or made?


I lived my life the way I felt

I did not cease to be myself

Foolishness and prejudice

Never got their way


And in this hotel room tonight

Of course there’s no-one by my side

In room 1005


Everyone has gone

The carnival’s moved on

Left behind with loneliness

My body aches from longing


I knew the price that I’d be charged

Living a lie was never on the cards

For I was nothing

Nothing if not honest


And in the Diplomat Hotel

There is one thing I know so well

I love and I am not loved

Love and I am not loved


Nothing else matters or makes much

Of a difference without love

To softly cradle you

Through till morning


3 a.m. emptiness

I do not know happiness

There hasn’t been an answer yet

And I’m always calling


In room 1005