The Yearning


Disco: Dreamboats & Lemonade [2014]
Autor: Joe Moore © Elefant Publishing

His love is sweeter than lemonade


I watch him walk along the bay

And take a boat out from the shore

As he sails I hear him play

The songs that make me love him more


And in the evening he’ll return

To the shore along the bay

And we’ll dance as fires burn

And the night falls on the day


His love is sweeter than lemonade

With little kisses like candy

He likes to tango to Doris Day

And sing along with Sandy

We calypso in the evening shade

And watch the sun go down on the sea

His love is sweeter than lemonade

And he belongs to me


I feel his eyes lock onto mine

As he takes me by the hand

And his lips they taste of wine

As we move across the sand


I see him high upon the hill

As I’m walking by the stream

But it’s a story unfulfilled

Because he’s only in my dream