The Carrots

Baby's Unborn

Disco: New Romance [2013]
Autor: Christopher Keith Lyons © Elefant Publishing

I still can’t believe

That no one’s going home with me

I can’t even conceive

There’s no baby for a girl like me

Why should there never be a baby for me?

Ohh, why should there never whatsoever for a girl like me?

I can’t enjoy that special boy

That every girl deploys and annoys me greatly

No laugh

No crying

No hug, no kiss from my very own guy and

All I need is a boy to squeeze


When I wake up from sleep

There’s no one in the room with me

It feels so incomplete

Without the patter of little feet

All of the others look like mothers to me

Ohh, is it apparent that I’m barren when they look back at me?

Oh, doctor, please

I’m on my knees

They’re Siamese

I’m not obese

You gotta help me

Everyone stop staring

At the dress I’m wearing

It isn’t fair

It isn’t fair

I’m desperate to deliver but my


Baby’s unborn

He’s up inside me

Quietly hiding

Baby’s unborn

No, I’m not tricking

I feel him kicking

Baby’s unborn

If I release him

I will decrease then

Baby’s unborn

He’s not obstructed

He’s just reluctant

Can you really blame that boy?

Baby’s unborn