The Carrots

You Can't Promise (Boys)

Disco: New Romance [2013]
Autor: Jennifer Lynn Moore - Jason Clifton Pittman - Christopher Keith Lyons © Elefant Publishing

When I needed you most

You turned into a ghost

And disappeared from my company

When I asked you to stay

You had nothing to say

I can’t imagine that you care for me


Oh, what now (now)

What is the difference

Between quiet

And your cold kisses?

No, now, let’s be honest

I could try

But you can’t promise


You know, saying we’re through

Was the least you could do

Instead of leaving on the telephone

No, I’m not upset

Not an inch of regret

I just want you to leave me alone


You left (you left)

I cried (I cried)

Now go (now go)

Don’t you think twice

I’m not that nice

You quit (you quit)

With ease (with ease)

I’m fine (I'm fine)

Do what you please

I’m feeling free