Over [1993]

Disco: Up, Up And Away [Home Demos 1993-2002] [2012]
Autor: Guille Milkyway © Elefant Publishing

I'm staring at the sea 

Pretending not to be

Your favourite lover

Too many groovy flights 

Too many cocktail nights

But I've grown older 

And I'm not your style anymore


Over, don't you know it's over

My love for you was ended 

Long before it begun


Over, all my dreams are over

Since they were held by you

And now you walk away


Sunny days (how happy we were)

Country lanes

Lazy tunes

They lead me back again to you


Over I know it's over (closed up)

But my love's growing stronger (closed up)

And there's no way to stop it now (closed up)