Silly Things [1996]

Disco: Up, Up And Away [Home Demos 1993-2002] [2012]
Autor: Guille Milkyway © Elefant Publishing

I love you doing those silly things

Laughing over my eyes in the fairground

The way you play with your living

Your childish heart is like sunny weather


After all, the rain that came is gone

And now my eyes are closed

It feels better singing a love song


Hear the sound, my feet are off the ground

The sound of spring and love

Sweet melodies that come to my voice sweet baby


Fly away, somwhere beneath the waves

Sorrounded by the sea

Pretend that nobody hears your weeping


Find a space where time slows down 'til break

A place to be alone

Confusion fills my imagination


Now let me give you some candies

They taste much better when we're together

Our love will be never-ending

As long as we're as light as two feathers


I've been there for a long time

Now could you give you sweet vibrations

I love it when you smile at the sunshine!