THE CARROTS - Doing Our Part

Disco: Space Escapade [Aventura Espacial] Unit 1 - Destination: Pluto Sector 68 [2011]
Autor: Tha Carrots © Elefant Publishing

Walking down the street I see everyone I've ever known

Walking down the street don't see anyone I really know


It's fine, It's fine.  I don't really wanna go

It's fine It's fine. I don't really wanna know


You talk of leaving home, they say "girl you'd better beware

These problems that you see, you know, you're gonna see them anywhere"


It's fine, It's fine,  I don't really wanna go

It's fine It's fine.  I don't really wanna know

It's fine It's fine I don't really wanna go


Do you wanna runaway runaway runaway oh wha (2x)

Ooooo oooooo


I could stick around I'm as happy as I've ever been, but I  could leave town and I'd never Feel this sad again


It's fine...


I'm bored and I'm tired.  I've heard everything you have to say

I feel I'm wasting time and I cannot wait another day


It's fine...


Don't ask too much.  You will feel much better

Tell me why do we trust to leave these things for later

And maybe one day we can find a place and we can go there

And sure, I'd like to stay cause there no other place that I could feel so home


Do you wanna runaway...


It's fine...


Do you wanna runaway