Nick Garrie


Disco: The Nightmare Of J.B. Stanislas [2010]
Autor: Nick Garrie


Darkness come to me


Tower of the cathedral

Cast your shadow over the land

Little dusty streets and houses will be swallowed by the cool of


Darkness seep through every man


The cinema is dark and empty

The doors are closed right down

The projectionist is drunk somewhere

In a room in the middle of town



Darkness come to me

No one hears you lonely man

Pace the frozen streets

White washed dummies stare at you




Darkness calm this lonely man


Somewhere man and woman

Touch each other silently

In a lovers’ double bed

But the sheets are black like life that ends at



Darkness come to me


I can greet you with a smile

Despite the lights of town


For I know that everything must end

And evening

Is the symbol

Of the end of my day