Nick Garrie

Bungles Tours

Disco: The Nightmare Of J.B. Stanislas [2010]
Autor: Nick Garrie

Pa pa papa pa pa package tours

Only fifty pounds and the world is yours

Pay us cash or pay us cheque

Or pay us anything

We’ll be happy just to serve you

On your summer fling


Have you been to Paris in the spring

Strolled the champs and seen the strippers swing

The sky is blue, the Seine is too

There’s lots of things to do

So just relax and come next week

To our office down the street

La la la la la 


Bungles will be waiting at the bus

The French are crooks so put your trust in us

We’ll get you fish and chips

And English beer to wet your lips 

Yes never fear

The Bungles man is here

La la la la


Time will fly you’ll dread the thought of home

Paris and Geneva Brussels Rome

Running round the Vatican a sucking your ice cream

Let Bungles guide your summer dream

Yes never fear the Bungles man is here

La la la la


Strolling neath the palm trees by the sea

Away from everyone and almost free

Push your way through crowded streets

Be careful what you buy

The Bungles man will tell you why

Yes never fear, the Bungles man is here

La la la la


Bungles fortnight must have gone by quick

Sorry if the coach made you feel sick

And now you’re back in your home town

Bright shades of lobster brown

What’s that? you want to come tto come next year

Well never fear Bungles will be here

La la la la 


Be doo bedobe do do