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A Glimpse Of My Genius

Disco: People Think That We Are Strange [2009]
Autor: D. Treacy / published by Wipeout Music Ltd

She read about me on the TVP's Yahoo group
Oh my god! What did I do before email?
I wrote letters
Hey Dan, tell me your real age
I said, baby...I'm timeless
I used to hang around with Cleopatra and Napoleon
And...get this..Noel Gallagher...yeah, I'm that old!
Then she says, do you think I'm pretty?
Oh yes, my darling, you are pretty
Now, I don't suppose you've heard of Jonathan Richman
Oh yes, I love him!
Well, they all say that don't they babe
Oh, I didn't mean to call you babe!
Oh my god, I'm..ohh! What do I do?
I call ladies babes, darlings, sweethearts...what do you call them?
I know what I call ladies
My father's advice
Don't call them back early!
I'm doing an interview today for some girl who's a little bit abused
Tells me she writes for some monthly magazine called Dazed and Confused..
Yeah, that's me!
If you could read my mind
When there's no more love to go
And there's no more love to show
And it's true
Can you read my mind?
I said girl, got no idea where you come from
But you look like some adonis
Like some kind of female venus
And do you know what she said to me?