Better Than Sex [Cuban Boy's Dark Cupboard Mix]

Disco: Runnin' Riot [2002]
Autor: Stuart Anthony Smith © Elefant Publishing

We’ve rebuilt the ruined concept of rock ‘n’ roll music 

With Lego and model glue

Some bands are born shit, all others simply lose it 

We perfect everything we do 

We replace all the “greats” from the past 

We stand in contrast, we’ll always be what’s coming next 

Concisely we’re much better than sex


Even you can understand 

We’re not just another rock ‘n’ roll band 

You’re so lucky just to get one look 

We’ll break your arms if you try to touch 

Even you can understand we’re not just another 

rock ‘n’ roll band


It’s all gone to plan as we’re making lots of money 

Oh we’re much more clever than you 

If at first you’re jealous of all kneeling in our 


You’ll soon be bowing down too 

‘Cos we’re worth every penny we earn 

And yeah it goes on flashy clothes and up my nose 

Concisely we're much better than sex