Cour De Récré

Vice Et Werther [Video-Clip]
Source: Elefant Records

Year: 04/12/2020

Written, Directed and Edited by Simon Néaumet & Sandra Besseas

With: Quentin Lasseyte, Stanislas Batisse & Chloé Crozat

Lighting: Sandra Besseas
Shooting / FX / Color Grading: Simon Néaumet

With the participation of: Ciane Payraud, Kristell Thomas, Valérie Negre, Angèle Lepolard, Joël & Monique Granson at the Val Rose

Song taken from ER-D210 COUR DE RÉCRÉ "Vice Et Werther" Digital Single

Video-clip of "Vice Et Werther" on sale on iTunes

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