Hola [Teaser]
Source: Elefant Records

Year: 22/01/2020

Once upon a time… “Hola”. After five years of silence the duo formed by Ibon Errazkin and Teresa Iturrioz is back with a brand new album.


“Hola” makes it clear, once again, that SINGLE is unique when it comes to making collages with an exquisite capacity for suggestion. They are always surprising when it comes to combining sounds and influences that at first glance – or first listen – can seem impossible to bring together. Here, Errazkin and Iturrioz do it again, at the same time as they bring back the essence of another of their celebrated groups, LE MANS. Diving into their roots, into their shared tastes and their passion for film, they have created a multifaceted album, at times disturbing, always exciting.


Preorder ER-1251 SINGLE "Hola" [Black Colour Vinyl] [Gatefold Sleeve] [Limited Edition] / CD Digisleeve / Digital Album

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