Animales [Video-Clip]
Source: Elefant Records

Year: 28/09/2018

Directed by Carlos Delfa

Original idea: Conxita and Fermí Herrero

Produced by Carlos Delfa

Executive Producer: Carlos Delfa

Director of Production: Carlos Delfa

Production Manager: Carlos Delfa

Director of Photography: Carlos Delfa

Art Director: Carlos Delfa

Costume Designer: Conxita Herrero

Make-up and Hairdressing : Conxita and Fermí Herrero

Choreography: Fermí Herrero

Cast: Conxita and Fermí Herrero

Cat: Julia

Editing: Carlos Delfa

Catering: Conchita Moraleda

Head of Locations: Conxita Herrero

Scenography: Conchi Delfa

Production Assistant: Sandra Martínez

Postproduction: Carlos Delfa

Suppliers: Conchi Delfa


Thanks: To our family (friends of the Omegas)


Song taken from ER-D112 TRONCO "Animales" Digital Single


Video-clip of "Animales" on sale on iTunes

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