Carbon Poppies

Rain On My Face [Video-Clip]
Source: Elefant Records

Year: 04/09/2018

Production Company - Makemade

Co-Directors & Co-Producers - Allison Bohl DeHart & Peter DeHart

Director of Photography - Logan M. LeBlanc

Gaffer - Patrick Swinney

Camera Assistant - Jean Denis Director’s

Assistant - Cason Aycock

Locations Producer - Matt Mick

Wardrobe - Olivia Perillo

Production Assistant - Beau Louviere

Still Set Photographer - Jon-David Mahoney and Matthew Koesy

Cast: Jonny Campos, Peter DeHart, Allison Bohl DeHart, Amelie DeHart, Amanda Abate, Patience Comeaux, Leah Graeff, Belle Saucier, Kirkland Middleton, Olivia Perillo, Joseph Perillo, Woody Randall, and Matt Mick


Ryan DeJean of Sickbay - This project would not have happened if Ryan and Sickbay hadn’t asked us to do the initial Sickbay Single.

Chad Viator - Engineer

Christiaan Mader - Engineer

Danny Reisch - Mixing engineer

Max Lorenzen - Engineer assistant

LeeAnn B Stephan - Cover art photographer

Luis Calvo - Vinyl artwork designer


Song taken from ER-351 CARBON POPPIES "Rain On My Face" 7" Single [Numbered Limited Edition of 300 copies] / Digital Single


Video-clip of "Rain On My Face" on sale on iTunes

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