Fiebre En La Disco [CCCP Remix By Copycat Project] [Video-Clip]
Source: Elefant Records

Year: 12/02/2016

Directed by Jean-Marie Marbach -


Production: François Mari & Loup Mery for A La Bonne Heure Productions

Director Of Photography: Véronique Billaux-Leclerc

Assistant DP: Ludovic Demange

Steadycam Operator: Léo Matthes

Additional Photography: Mariana Badaracco & Pablo Dahy

Second Unit Director & DP: Brau Perez Marti

Set Assistant: Dominique Pingris

Lightning Technicians: Vincent Legros & Freddy Misat

Hair & Make Up: Elodie Millon & Elodie Guesnet

Set Photographer: Simon Picazos

Casting Director: Malika Zaidi for International Spectacle

Editing: Philippe Negre

VFX + Compositing: JM Sebastian

Additional 3D Set: Guillaume Lenel

Additional 3D Tracking: Georges Ginoux

Sound Design: Pavel Polyakov


Starring: Mariana Badaracco, Deborah Pouchoulin, Karine Archimede, Soleila Chaou Costa, Claire Theault, Charlotte Bermond, Aurelie Giboire, Coline Omasson, Mylene Beautes, Gaelle Lalanne, Julie Dorval and as the Disco King: Pablo Dahy (Head) and Patrick Serrurier (Body)

Special Thanks to Olivier Ferracci

Particle FX created with Trapcode Suite


Song taken from ER-D068 MODULAR "Fiebre En La Disco" Digital Single


Video-clip of "Fiebre En La Disco (CCCP Remix By Copycat Project)" on sale on iTunes