Rea [Video-Clip]
Source: Elefant Records

Year: 05/06/2014

A production of Senso Audiovisual Productions


Realized by Miguel G. Bergareche 

Lighting: Frank Kastillo 

Camera and Editing: Mario San Emeterio Digital 

Composer: Machines Désirantes Bureau ( 

Digital Composer: Borja Muñoz Gallego (Mole Productions) 

Color Correction: Adriana Chamorro Solé 

Costumes: Carlos Díez Díez 

Costume Assistant: Lorena Diez 

Make-up and Hair: Kaffe Kley 

Production: Uhain Poignon and Jon Unibaso 

Set Photo: Javier Bernal 

Set: DMNTIA    


Song taken from ER-1185 SINGLE "Rea" LP [Numbered Limited Edition of 750 copies] / CD Digipak / Digital Album


Video-clip of "Rea" on sale on iTunes

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