La Bien Querida

Arenas Movedizas [Video-Clip]
Source: Elefant Records

Year: 21/01/2013

Directed, edited and devised by Iker Insausti and Jeffrey Frígula 


The first video from "Ceremonia" pays homage to the classic mystery and horror films. Ana, David, and Frank (the new live line-up for LA BIEN QUERIDA) find themselves wrapped up in a mysterious situation where the forces of evil and demonic things give birth to a strange being


Actors: Laia Costa, Hamza Mellassou y La Bien Querida 

Photography Direction: Albert Badia 

Assistant Director: Gerard MÎsael 

Art Direction: Bernat Vilaseca and Pol Sannicolàs 

Production: Alèxia Bas, Iker Insausti y Joan Jordi Llibre 

Costumes: Angélica Muñoz y Suevia Sampelayo 

Make Up: Najwa Saleh Pons


Vídeo-clip of "Arenas Movedizas" on sale on iTunes


Song taken from ER-1171 LA BIEN QUERIDA "Ceremonia" LP [White Colour Vinyl] [Limited Numbered Edition] / CD Digipak [Limited Numbered Edition] 

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