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We hear it and repeat it thousands of times. That&rsquo;s why we fall to pieces whenever one of those strange, magical, unique moments occurs and we think we are hearing something new. And when that happens in Spanish, the feeling is even more intense. That&rsquo;s why we&rsquo;re so satisfied with our &ldquo;New Adventures In Pop&rdquo; collection, that brings us new groups with so many new things to say. And that&rsquo;s why we&rsquo;re so proud of groups like NEVVER debuting in this collection, which was born for bands just like them, who have so much to offer, in such new and surprising ways.<br /><br />Oddly, NEVVER&rsquo;s first album is called &ldquo;Disforia&rdquo;. They don&rsquo;t hide it; their intention is to make you nervous, to disturb, to throw you off. This trio from Getafe made up of <strong>Javier Aparicio</strong> (vocals), <strong>Borja Aranda</strong> (keyboards and guitars) and <strong>Ra&uacute;l Serrano</strong> (bass), has searched among shoegaze, trap, dream pop, hip hop and synth pop to find their own voice. Their structure is surprising, but the chosen emotions make an impact, and are the vehicle that carries us along in this journey. Unlike many other urban rhythms that were the upbringing of three friends growing up together in this part of Madrid and who spent their time in an old garage, NEVVER use sadness, sensitivity and melancholy to express their frustration. Like JOY DIVISION, like D&Eacute;CIMA V&Iacute;CTIMA, like LOW, like BEACH HOUSE, they use soundscapes that activate your tear ducts, but then there is that heavyhearted flow, there is auto tune, a certain dragging groove, the eighties synthesizers&hellip; Yes, this is one of those moments where you think you are dancing to architecture, so it&rsquo;s better if you make up your own minds about the group&rsquo;s real sound.<br /><br />As music fans, it is really exciting when you find yourself with music that requires so many adjectives to place it that you know the only thing you&rsquo;re going to do is detract from what is playing. And what&rsquo;s more, when the anguished message, that they express so directly, starts seeping in, distressing you, when the notes from the guitar in &ldquo;Duelo&rdquo; penetrate to the deepest parts of you, you see the beauty in the sadness, the one that music lovers are so deeply in love with, the one that only a lucky few manage to play and tell. On the other side, &ldquo;Varsovia&rdquo; touches on the more African American aspect, the flow, the beat, the rhyme, the urban, and once again the city in ruins, dark, night time, the landscape turned into a cage. But the sadness keeps on seeping through.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>The final touch to add the title of the above mentioned song, if you hadn&rsquo;t noticed (&ldquo;Varsovia&rdquo; is &ldquo;Warsaw&rdquo; in English). A song called &ldquo;Control&rdquo; (the beginning of everything, according to the group). Military-style bass riffs and they sing &ldquo;Quiero envenenarme de ti / Sentirme como Morrissey&rdquo; <em>(I want to poison myself with you / Feel like Morrissey)</em>, it is overflowing with magic and everything falls into place.<br /><br />Welcome to NEVVER. The eight songs on &ldquo;Disforia&rdquo; are a multifacted universe that we are invited to sink into. With open ears and a free spirit. Without prejudices or limitations. Opportunities like this don&rsquo;t come around often. To enjoy the feeling again of being surprised when you listen to something new is something that no music lover can pass up. This music describes the spirit of nocturnal, silent, cryptic, turbulent, beautiful cities&hellip; Something that no one should let slip by.<br />&nbsp;</p><p><iframe allow=\"accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture\" allowfullscreen=\"\" frameborder=\"0\" height=\"375\" src=\"https://www.youtube.com/embed/8pbPJDgBBfE\" width=\"607\"></iframe></p> CRISTINA QUESADA: Releases “Think I Heard A Rumour”, her second album https://elefant.com/{*noticia}/1027/CRISTINA QUESADA: Releases “Think I Heard A Rumour”, her second album <p>A few weeks ago, we released that advance Single called &ldquo;Hero&rdquo;. <strong>Cristina Quesada</strong> is back on the record label scene with something new, and with a surprising new team. The thing is, <strong>Joe Moore</strong> (THE YEARNING, THE PERFECT KISS, <strong>Lia Pamina</strong>) has written, arranged and produced almost all of the songs on her second album, &ldquo;Think I Heard A Rumour&rdquo;. The album brings together <strong>Joe</strong>&rsquo;s infinite love of music and <strong>Cristina Quesada</strong>&rsquo;s freshness and sweetness, and the result is a collection of songs that need (and deserve) to be carefully and specifically commented on individually.<br />&nbsp;</p><p>To start things off, we have the title track for the album, which puts all the cards on the table. &ldquo;Think I Heard A Rumour&rdquo; is a eurodisco hit, with a NEW ORDER bass and a SAINT ETIENNE chorus. Everyone will be playing it. It&rsquo;s one of those songs that makes your heart beat faster right in the middle of the dance floor without knowing what it is you are falling in love with. Then comes &ldquo;Hero&rdquo; and the dance floor is still on fire. Unrepentant rhythms and dreamy melodies. &ldquo;Hero&rdquo; is an instant classic that moves between the PET SHOP BOYS&rsquo; most danceable hits, the Japanese pop of <strong>Tommy February6</strong>, the earliest recordings of THE SOUND OF ARROWS and ABBA&rsquo;s catchiest melodies. The formula in the eighties seemed so simple and so effective&hellip; Why have so many people forgotten it?<br />&nbsp;</p><p>And now another of this album&rsquo;s great secret weapons is revealed: the covers. We already saw how amazing what <strong>Joe</strong> and <strong>Cristina</strong> did with LIO was on the advance Single. Now it&rsquo;s <strong>France Gall</strong>&rsquo;s turn, with her delicious &ldquo;Quand On Est Ensemble&rdquo;, which is put through the blender and reborn modernized among arpeggiators and synth-pop rhythms. As if KRAFTWERK had decided to write spacey anthems obsessed with the French chanson.<br />&nbsp;</p><p>Now we have to stop for a second, because we have gotten to one of the songs that is not a cover and is not written by <strong>Joe Moore</strong>. &ldquo;Estar A Tu Lado&rdquo; was written by <strong>Ana Fern&aacute;ndez-Villaverde</strong> (in other words, LA BIEN QUERIDA) specifically for <strong>Cristina</strong>. And you can tell. The vocal melodies, the lyrics&hellip; It all reminds us of her songs. &ldquo;Estar A Tu Lado&rdquo; is a tailor-made love song with vocals and arrangements that shine with a light of their very own. Ultimately, the conjunction of talents makes magic happen. Then we&rsquo;re back to covers, and this time, and after that heartfelt declaration of love, <strong>Cristina </strong>and <strong>Andreas </strong>(ALPACA SPORTS) become one to revisit one of the Singles we at Elefant Records have listened to the most since its release in 1989. &ldquo;Crush The Flowers&rdquo; was the A-side of the first Single THE WAKE put out with Sarah Records after their time with the also legendary independent label, Factory. Here we have a certain J-Pop impulse (<strong>Joe Moore</strong> himself has recognized the Japanese PERFUME as an important influence when it came to making this album) and with the combination of <strong>Cristina</strong>&rsquo;sand <strong>Andreas</strong>&rsquo;voices it comes back full of emotion and sweetness.<br /><br />&ldquo;Love At Third Sight&rdquo; makes it clear that, for Elefant Records&rsquo; most prolific composer, this artistic marriage has given him the opportunity to create undisputable eurodisco hits, which benefit from <strong>Cristina</strong>&rsquo;s voice and the necessary freshness and youthfulness that the melodies need. It&rsquo;s incredible. BANANARAMA would have killed for a chorus like this. &ldquo;Time Machine&rdquo; is also a new song, that plays psychedelically with layers of vocals. Like &ldquo;Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds&rdquo; made with a base of synthesizers. There&rsquo;s no track here, but there is a journey. And what a trip it is. We never dreamed of hearing <strong>Cristina Quesada</strong> play with vocals like this. &ldquo;Dancing Tonight&rdquo; is a powerful mix between &ldquo;Words&rdquo; by F.R. DAVID and &ldquo;Don&rsquo;t Cry Tonight&rdquo; by SAVAGE, which ends up sounding like a production by COLLEGE.<br /><br />By now it&rsquo;s clear that &ldquo;Think I Heard A Rumour&rdquo; is an album with a lot of personality, even beyond its undisputable inspiration and punch. But there are still a lot of surprises to come. And taking a song from 1972 from the first album by the Swedish singer <strong>Ted G&auml;rdestad</strong> called &ldquo;Jag Vill Ha En Egen M&aring;ne&rdquo; and taking it to another musical galaxy is an exercise that no words can describe. It goes beyond the love of music and musical fantasy. &ldquo;Get Fun&rdquo; is another vocal play full of imagination and ornamentations. For the more obtuse of us who don&rsquo;t see the complicated interweaving of some pop songs (I mean, just because a song is as pop or direct as it may be, it doesn&rsquo;t mean it is simple), here we have evidence of exactly what <strong>Joe Moore</strong> is capable of when he finds the right partner.<br />&nbsp;</p><p>&ldquo;Bailar Conmigo&rdquo; is written by <strong>Teresa</strong> and <strong>Ibon</strong>, from SINGLE, from LE MANS, from AVENTURAS DE KIRLIAN, one of the most important songwriting couples in the history of Elefant. It&rsquo;s difficult to figure out the origins here; our beloved companions have never been known for being especially predictable or classifiable. The result in the hands of <strong>Joe Moore </strong>is anexercise in highly addictive electronic bubblegum, sometimes bizarre, seductive, and above all, brilliant.<br />&nbsp;</p><p>&ldquo;Estorinha&rdquo; is a song by the Brazillian singer <strong>Evinha</strong> which was released at the peak of the Tropicalism era, 1969. It is no secret that we are very passionate about Brazilian music here at Elefant, and <strong>Evinha</strong>, as a solo act or with her siblings, has always been our most important reference. Once again, there is barely a trace of the original song; it seems like we&rsquo;re in 1982, when YAZOO released their first album.<br />&nbsp;</p><p>To wrap things up, &ldquo;No One Else But You&rdquo; and &ldquo;Safe&rdquo; put the focus on this duo&rsquo;s ability to create eurobeat anthems, with incredible choruses and melodies that make us believe in music again. &ldquo;No One Else But You&rdquo; seems like a classic from the end of the 80s, one of the first singles from <strong>Samantha Fox</strong>, <strong>Taylor Dayne</strong> or <strong>Kylie Minogue</strong>. &ldquo;Safe&rdquo; closes the album, combining the past and the future... Pop, house, jungle, future pop, the 80s and dream pop.<br />&nbsp;<br />After all this we still have one last stop. What we need to look back and realize everything that has happened over the course of these 14 songs. It&rsquo;s impossible to sum it up in a few words. What we can say is that this is about the musical EXPERIENCE full of nooks and crannies to be discovered, emotions to be released and songs and references we will never be able to forget (nor should we). This is a lesson about breaking stereotypes, prejudices, and should serve us to open even the most skeptical people&rsquo;s eyes. That was music. And they called it a rumor.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>TRACKLIST: 01 Think I Heard A Rumour&nbsp; 02 Hero&nbsp; 03 Quand On Est Ensemble&nbsp; 04 Estar A Tu Lado&nbsp; 05 Crush The Flowers&nbsp; 06 Love At Third Sight 07 Time Machine&nbsp; 08 Dancing Tonight&nbsp; 09 Jag Vill Ha En Egen M&aring;ne&nbsp; 10 Get Fun&nbsp; 11 Bailar Conmigo&nbsp; 12 Estorinha&nbsp; 13 No One Else But You&nbsp; 14 Safe&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><img alt=\"\" src=\"https://elefant.com/uploads/foto/2/00004692.JPG\" style=\"width: 607px; height: 607px;\" /></p><p><iframe allow=\"accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture\" allowfullscreen=\"\" frameborder=\"0\" height=\"375\" src=\"https://www.youtube.com/embed/yhKSc-6Qe2s\" width=\"607\"></iframe></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><iframe allow=\"accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture\" allowfullscreen=\"\" frameborder=\"0\" height=\"375\" src=\"https://www.youtube.com/embed/bXXYGqbHTOk\" width=\"607\"></iframe></p> LA CASA AZUL: &quot;Podría Ser Peor (Remix)&quot; Digital Single https://elefant.com/{*noticia}/1029/LA CASA AZUL: &quot;Podría Ser Peor (Remix)&quot; Digital Single <p>We finally have the new LA CASA AZUL album, &ldquo;La Gran Esfera&rdquo;, in our hands and it&rsquo;s full of great hits and songs that invariably form part of a unique repertoire. This album is destined to mark a before and after in <strong>Guille Milkyway</strong>&rsquo;s career, and it stands out as a hit on the dance floor where ever it plays. This is partly because of songs like &ldquo;Podr&iacute;a Ser Peor&rdquo;, which was the first advance for the album, and which is a total disco anthem that we are releasing now as a remix on a Digital Single with two versions &ndash; the normal one and an extended version. Like those NEW ORDER Singles in the eighties. So that there is not a dance floor in the world that doesn&rsquo;t play a song of this stature.</p><p><br />It is really exciting to listen to such terrible and frustrating lyrics move to such a groove, with that untouchable disco spirit and those tremendously sunny melodies. It&rsquo;s an explosion of emotions and euphoria on a remix that accentuates the nocturnal and summery spirit of the song. How easy it is for <strong>Guille&nbsp;</strong>to make us float and make us feel completely uninhibited!</p> PUTOCHINOMARICÓN: &quot;Doble Tic Azul&quot; First advance from his highly expected ... https://elefant.com/{*noticia}/1030/PUTOCHINOMARICÓN: &quot;Doble Tic Azul&quot; First advance from his highly expected new album. <p>He is a phenomenon. We don&rsquo;t stutter when we say it. <strong>Chenta</strong>, the name behind PUTOCHINOMARIC&Oacute;N, after completely selling out his first release, &ldquo;Coraz&oacute;n De Cerdo Con Ginseng Al Vapor&rdquo;, is now enjoying a meteoric career. He released an incendiary autobiography called &ldquo;Arroz Tres Delicias&rdquo; with the publisher Plan B, where he showed off his mix of cynicism (like Antisthenes) and social protest, using his own story as an example. Starting last September, he writes a weekly column in El Pa&iacute;s, where he develops and reinforces his ideas and his way of seeing society, making it clear that this whole influencer thing is not enough for him. Also, as of February, he has a radio program on M21 called &ldquo;Nada Especial&rdquo; where he tries to portray Madrid through the testimonies and life experiences of dissident, racialized, migrant voices&hellip; And offers an open, versatile, diverse artistic perspective.</p><p><br />And all of this takes us directly to his imminent new album, &ldquo;Miseria Humana&rdquo;, that will be released digitally this coming May 10, and physically in September. What we have here is this first highly expected advance. &ldquo;Doble Tic Azul&rdquo; is a big step forward in production and sound: clean, marvelous bases, somewhere between the most stylish electro-pop, with touches of trap, autotune&hellip; And then there are the lyrics, his vision of the current high-tech world, between love and hate, between irony and devotion. And it&rsquo;s fast, light, fleeting. As soon as it&rsquo;s over, you want more. We need more from PUTOCHINOMARIC&Oacute;N. The album that is about to come and that promises to be an absolute revolution for music made in this country, is inspired in adolescent anguish itself, the indifference, the sadness, the sound of Soundcloud, bubblegum pop, emo punk and future pop, and all of this drenched in his particular brand of cynicism and his multicolor humor. As he defines it, &ldquo;anti-esthetic music written from the gut&rdquo;. Songs that don&rsquo;t even last two minutes, &ldquo;disposable&rdquo;, as <strong>Chenta</strong> himself likes to call them, to be consumed on loop until they wear out, they consume themselves and are thrown away and destroyed. The concept is ultimately a criticism of the way we consume songs today, the consumerist culture and the ephemeral life of everything around us.</p> CRISTINA QUESADA: Releases “Estar A Tu Lado”, a song written by LA BIEN QUERIDA, as an ... https://elefant.com/{*noticia}/1026/CRISTINA QUESADA: Releases “Estar A Tu Lado”, a song written by LA BIEN QUERIDA, as an advance digital single from her upcoming album “Think I Heard A Rumour” <p>&ldquo;Think I Heard A Rumour&rdquo; is a surprising album in so many ways. First, because of <strong>Cristina Quesada</strong>&rsquo;s vocal and artistic development. Second, because of the chemistry that arose in the production with <strong>Joe Moore</strong> (THE YEARNING) and third, because of the turn toward electronic pop, at the same time as the one <strong>Joe Moore</strong> himself took on his precious project THE PERFECT KISS. And it is a surprise full of surprises. Like &ldquo;Estar A Tu Lado&rdquo;, the song that <strong>Ana Fern&aacute;ndez-Villaverde</strong> (LA BIEN QUERIDA) wrote for <strong>Cristina </strong>for this album and which is now being used as the second advance Single for this anticipated new album, &ldquo;Think I Heard A Rumour&rdquo;. It is a song that clearly shows the mark of its composer and that acquires sweet nuances with the electronic pop base constructed by <strong>Joe Moore</strong>. But what&rsquo;s more, this Digital Single is accompanied by a delicious video directed by <strong>Daniel Cuenca</strong> and a previously unreleased track that brings us back to the topic of surprises. It is nothing other than an italo-disco style revamp of the song &ldquo;Y Descubrir Que Te Quiero&rdquo; by the Mexican singer <strong>Yuri</strong>, belonging to her eponymous album released by Hispavox in 1983.&nbsp;The album was created by the Hispanic label with the participation of various Spanish composers. Specifically, this song is the work of <strong>Ignacio Ballesteros </strong>(author and producer of songs by <strong>Raffaella Carr&aacute;</strong>, <strong>Toquinho</strong> and <strong>Raphael</strong>, among many others) and <strong>Rafael Trabucchelli</strong> (producer of &ldquo;Por Qu&eacute; Te Vas&rdquo; by <strong>Jeanette</strong> and of many songs by LOS &Aacute;NGELES, LOS M&Oacute;DULOS and LOS PEKENIKES, among many others). This is a highly danceable, pure pop song, and a small wonder to play on the dance floor. Each new piece of news about <strong>Cristina Quesada</strong> is really just a pure joy for us. Enjoy.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><iframe allow=\"accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture\" allowfullscreen=\"\" frameborder=\"0\" height=\"375\" src=\"https://www.youtube.com/embed/bXXYGqbHTOk\" width=\"607\"></iframe></p> LINDA GUILALA: “Estado Natural”, new exclusive Single for the English label Sonic Cathedral https://elefant.com/{*noticia}/1028/LINDA GUILALA: “Estado Natural”, new exclusive Single for the English label Sonic Cathedral <p>LINDA GUILALA is at the top of their game. Beyond the fantastic collection of albums that culminated with the most recent one, the excellent &ldquo;Psicon&aacute;utica&rdquo;, which is destined to be a classic, they are putting together a collection of absolutely unmissable Singles, that remind us of the golden era of this format in the eighties, when some of any groups&rsquo; best songs could be found on these special editions for collectors and music lovers.<br />&nbsp;<br />A few months ago we were talking about &ldquo;Primavera Negra&rdquo; and the fantastic &ldquo;Mucho Mejor&rdquo;, as a result of the international repercussion they were having, and while we wait for their new full-length, the Galician threesome is putting out a series of exclusive, limited-edition Singles with labels in England, Germany, and the United States. We are definitely not just talking about a period of inspiration, but also of a period of results.<br /><br />The first of these is &ldquo;Estado Natural&rdquo;, which is being released on April 10th, on the British label Sonic Cathedral (GULP, <strong>Dean Wareham</strong>, <strong>Neil Halstead</strong>, ECHO LADIES...) as part of a highly exclusive singles club that is releasing a new 7&rdquo; every month, from February to December 2019. Membership will come with extra artwork and surprises, although a few copies will make it to concerts and even right here, at Elefant&rsquo;s online store.<br />&nbsp;<br />The limited-edition, red-vinyl Single, with a marvelous cover that touches on the pyschedelic aspects coming from &ldquo;Psicon&aacute;utica&rdquo;, has two fantastic songs. &ldquo;Estado Natural&rdquo; is new proof of something that already feels natural in LINDA GUILALA&rsquo;s hands, but that really isn&rsquo;t. Like LOS PLANETAS, SPIRITUALIZED and MY BLOODY VALENTINE, <strong>Eva</strong>, <strong>Iv&aacute;n </strong>and <strong>Mari </strong>have managed to create a formula in which the melodies survive between layers of feedback and analogical cushions. And what melodies! Somewhere between pleasure and agony, between evanescence and unconsciousness, between experience and impact. On the B side, &ldquo;Espacio De Tiempo&rdquo; is contained and foggy. The melodies take precedence over the tension created by the keyboards and the hypnosis of the chorus.<br /><br />But there&rsquo;s more. There will also be a digital edition for members, with two more songs. They are two revisionings of the songs from the Single. First, &ldquo;Luchando Contra&rdquo; strips down &ldquo;Espacio De Tiempo&rdquo; in a sort of final coda that leaves a fragile, emotional, spacey skeleton of the melodies. And then &ldquo;Estado Natural&rdquo; gets an extended version that takes its ambience to the most intense dreaminess.<br /><br />To celebrate, one year later, LINDA GUILALA is going on tour again abroad. This time, the chosen cities are Porto, London, Manchester, Cardiff, Norwich. And the best part is that we have the feeling that this is just the beginning.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><strong>TRACKLIST:&nbsp;</strong></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Vinilo</strong></p><p>Estado Natural&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p>Espacio De Tiempo&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Extras digital</strong></p><p>Luchando Contra&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p>Estado Natural (Extended Version)</p> NEVVER &quot;Varsovia&quot; Advance Digital Single from their debut Mini-LP for New ... https://elefant.com/{*noticia}/1024/NEVVER &quot;Varsovia&quot; Advance Digital Single from their debut Mini-LP for New Adventures In Pop <p>Let us introduce you to NEVVER, the newest group in our &ldquo;New Adventures In Pop&rdquo; collection. Giving you two songs as a Digital Single felt insufficient to us, but sometimes they best way to make an entrance is very slowly, without making too much noise. Coming in little by little so as to not miss a single detail.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>NEVVER is a trio from Getafe (Madrid) made up of <strong>Javier Aparicio</strong> (vocals), <strong>Borja Aranda</strong> (keyboards and guitars) and <strong>Ra&uacute;l Serrano</strong> (bass) that sounds urban in a way that nobody has ever sounded urban before. They sound melancholy in a way that redefines the whole concept of melancholy and brings them closer to current feelings; less bucolic and tempestuous, more instantaneous and artificially light. They play with the elements of styles like shoegaze, dream pop, trap, hip hop, synth pop&hellip; To come up with their own discourse that is absolutely differentiating.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>And there is no better proof of this than &ldquo;Varsovia&rdquo;. The repetitive, dragging flow, the rhymes that take you through a nocturnal nightmare, where pride beats against the walls of the city. The synthesizer that seems to walk us through the most bucolic scenes of &ldquo;Drive&rdquo;, the fine, fragile bass that is also seeped in emotion, like THE XX, the buildings that show a solid but oddly friendly face &ndash; they there is nothing for us to do. &ldquo;Redenci&oacute;n&rdquo; lets some light in. More open chords, the guitar with echoes like the kind the <strong>Robin Guthrie</strong> liked, slowcore military-style&hellip; Everything is crazy, but at least we can look it straight in the eye, with self-esteem as high as it can go.<br /><br />In order for you to better understand the imaginarium of such a special group, we are giving you the video filmed by <strong>Diego Disco Rosa</strong>, where we move between hazy, mysterious atmospheres, with the ruins of a city that always appears in the background. Unrepentant, imposing.<br /><br />We are so excited to show you more. Soon, on &ldquo;New Adventures In Pop&rdquo;. For now, enjoy these two little miracles.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><iframe allow=\"accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture\" allowfullscreen=\"\" frameborder=\"0\" height=\"375\" src=\"https://www.youtube.com/embed/8pbPJDgBBfE\" width=\"607\"><br /></iframe></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><iframe allow=\"accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture\" allowfullscreen=\"\" frameborder=\"0\" height=\"375\" src=\"https://www.youtube.com/embed/fjDgjHNuJBE\" width=\"607\"></iframe><br />&nbsp;<br /><br />&nbsp;</p> LA CASA AZUL: Release “La Gran Esfera”, their fifth album https://elefant.com/{*noticia}/1020/LA CASA AZUL: Release “La Gran Esfera”, their fifth album <p>We have been waiting impatiently for new songs from LA CASA AZUL to arrive. And it clearly wasn&rsquo;t going to be an easy album. After having reached larger audiences, after having reached mainstream levels with their independent proposal, far from what the mainstream was used to, after having been heard both in small independent festivals as well as the return of Operaci&oacute;n Triunfo, after having remixed <strong>Camilo Sesto</strong>&rsquo;s &ldquo;Vivir As&iacute; Es Morir De Amor&rdquo; or having masterfully reconstructed and reinvented <strong>Nino Bravo</strong>&rsquo;s whole album. From composing and producing FANGORIA&rsquo;s latest hits, from writing songs for TV shows and movies, from being a judge on the talent show &ldquo;Oh Happy Day&rdquo; on TV3 or the teacher in the Operaci&oacute;n Triunfo academy, from continuing with radio collaborations, from writing for different media, from writing and producing five songs for the children&rsquo;s cartoon show &ldquo;PINY: Instituto de Nueva York&rdquo; (which <strong>Ali Howard</strong> of LUCKY SOUL sings on), from winning a Goya with a rumba, from DJing in the most important clubs in the country or making the latest version of &ldquo;S&aacute;lvame&rdquo; (made popular in Spain by <strong>Bibi Andersen</strong> in 1980) to headline the popular show on Tele 5. There have been so many things, and with so much variety, and above all they have all been created from the most independent spirit with the deepest love of music, that <strong>Guille Milkyway</strong> can be defined as unique and incomparable, and &ldquo;La Gran Esfera&rdquo; will be the album that confirmed this, the definitive emergence, eternity.</p><p>&nbsp;<br />And the thing is this album needs to be analyzed from two very different angles. First, that of an artist whose discourse faces the facts of time, who maintains his spacey dreams, but whose lyrics are being weighed down with disappointment, reality and the failure of mankind, the pessimism that was hidden in the escapism we saw in &ldquo;La Polinesia Meridional&rdquo;. But there is also the angle of an author who is a relentless music lover, an infallible machine for mixing influences, and who takes an unheard of step forward on this new album, crossing boundaries that few have dared to touch: the line that separates commercial music from independent music, a frontier that has so many preconceptions around it that many artists have been forced to go around it without ever being able to look back. On &ldquo;La Gran Esfera&rdquo;, <strong>Guille Milkyway</strong> knocks the wall down, playing with a million references, current and past, greatest hits and underground, tracks for the dance floor and tracks to break our hearts. You can hear hints of LAS AVES, <strong>Etienne Daho</strong>, <strong>Donna Summer</strong>, BOY PABLO, THE BEACH BOYS, VIDEO AGE, ROOSEVELT, ROBOTAKI, BLOSSOMS, THE GO! TEAM and ELO. And all of this without losing even a drop of his own personality.<br /><br />We already heard that statement of intent that was &ldquo;Podr&iacute;a Ser Peor&rdquo;, the anguish of &ldquo;A T A R A X I A&rdquo;, with <strong>Guille</strong>&rsquo;s touch for giving new &ldquo;urban&rdquo; sounds flourishes of melody, of pop, of love, of sensuality&hellip; The highly danceable elegance of &ldquo;El Momento&rdquo; (the song included on the first episode of &ldquo;Elite&rdquo;, the hit Netflix show) or the trance of &ldquo;Nunca Nadie Pudo Volar&rdquo;. Four advances that were immediate hits and classics in the repertoire of LA CASA AZUL as soon as they were released, and moreover, four songs that multiplied by a thousand the excitement that was accumulating for the arrival of &ldquo;La Gran Esfera&rdquo;.<br /><br />&ldquo;El Final Del Amor Eterno&rdquo; is excitement and resignation; that contrast between sad lyrics and euphoric music that we go crazy for, and this album is a genuine master in the art of this combination. &ldquo;El Colapso Gravitacional&rdquo; is a very twenty-first century ELO song that connects the ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA of the 80s, of &ldquo;Twilight&rdquo; or &ldquo;Secret Messages&rdquo;, with the sound and production of today, and the electronic pop from France from the last decade. &ldquo;Ivy Mike&rdquo; is an R&rsquo;n&rsquo;B hit, it&rsquo;s erotic trap, it&rsquo;s a surprising mix of <strong>A$ap Rocky</strong>, <strong>Barry White</strong>, <strong>Frank Ocean </strong>and SUPERFURRY ANIMALS, and it is probably the cause of the Arctic thaw.<br /><br />&ldquo;Hasta Perder El Control&rdquo; is proof that <strong>Guille </strong>perfectlyremembers where hecomes from: soul, fast-paced pop, bubblegum... LA CASA AZUL in the midst of the twenty-first century, running through all its musical references but giving them touches of contemporaneity in the sound, with breaks that mix urban and trap with a rush toward a totally classic chorus. And we definitely cannot forget about those winds inherited from THE STYLE COUNCIL. Can anyone come up with a label for all of this? &ldquo;Saturno (Todo Vuela)&rdquo; sounds like <strong>Beck</strong>, like HELEN LOVE, like SUNDARA KARMA, like CIRCA WAVES, like THE VACCINES, like euro-disco that makes you move, like RAMONES, like an intergalactic party.<br /><br />&ldquo;Gran Esfera&rdquo; closes the album on a high note, the musical connection with &ldquo;La Ni&ntilde;a Mas Hermosa&rdquo;, the song that closed &ldquo;La Polinesia Meridional&rdquo;, the classic endings of LA CASA AZUL that are based on the productions of <strong>Phil Spector</strong>, the sweetness of THE RONETTES, the melodic grandiosity of THE BEACH BOYS and all of that seasoned with MAC DEMARCO or HER&#39;S, with the epic tones of FOXYGEN or the dream-pop of BEACH HOUSE.<br /><br />Because&hellip; What is &ldquo;La Gran Esfera&rdquo;? Is it the awareness of a painful existence? The bittersweet celebration of a planet full of life and pain? A planetary vision of the human condition? We would need a lot more time and space to read into this more deeply, to analyze all the directions this complex, multifaceted album points toward, while still being highly danceable, without any concessions to the mid-tempo, addictive and catchy, like LA CASA AZUL&rsquo;s best trademark work. That&rsquo;s where its difficulty lies. That&rsquo;s where we can begin to decipher the challenge, the incredible proposal that <strong>Guille Milkyway </strong>brings to the table. Are you ready to look inside &ldquo;La Gran Esfera&rdquo;?</p><p><img alt=\"\" src=\"https://elefant.com/uploads/foto/6/00004666.JPG\" style=\"width: 607px; height: 607px;\" /></p> LA CASA AZUL: &quot;El Final Del Amor Eterno&quot; Video-CLip https://elefant.com/{*noticia}/1023/LA CASA AZUL: &quot;El Final Del Amor Eterno&quot; Video-CLip <p><strong><u>LA CASA AZUL: &ldquo;El Final Del Amor Eterno&rdquo; video</u></strong></p><p><strong><u>Text by Juanma Carrillo [video Director]</u></strong></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>When I started working on &ldquo;El Final Del Amor Eterno&rdquo;, the first thing I thought was that it was a new challenge and also a huge responsibility to put images to what is clearly going to be one of LA CASA AZUL&rsquo;s greatest hits. I got a bit of vertigo and a bit of writer&rsquo;s block, faced with such a complex song, because when a song is this big, the feeling of not being able to measure up is very real. After a lot of thought, I decided to look past the &ldquo;up-tempo&rdquo; that was causing me to freeze up, and focus on the darkness of the lyrics, since at the time I was also going through something similar to what the song talks about. The complicated mix of a dance song that talks about a romantic crisis forced me to maintain a balance between the narrative and the rhythm. Ultimately, the micro-stories about characters that are going through different kinds of crises took over, as I didn&rsquo;t want to only focus on the heartbreak. That&rsquo;s why there are characters who don&rsquo;t feel comfortable in their own skin, or who have lost faith in their family; it seemed like they could make up a group cast, once again led by a magical and special girl and an antagonist just as luminous, but at the end of her life&rsquo;s trajectory.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>I felt like this song was letting me show some of my soft spots; characters that are waiting for a miracle while they feel lonely in abandoned places. I wanted to show the loneliness that causes hope when everything seems lost, and mix it with pure innocence, that innocence that we lose each time a relationship fails. Once again, my references for American and Canadian photography from the 90s (with <strong>Gregory Crewdson</strong> and <strong>Jeff Wall</strong> in mind) led me to a colorful day-to-day full of artificial lights perfectly mixed with the mysterious aura of certain TV shows that have made an impression on me recently, with their careful photography and composition. And, of course I included small hints at the classic movies that I learned from.</p><p><br /><strong>Juanma Carrillo</strong></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><iframe allow=\"accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture\" allowfullscreen=\"\" frameborder=\"0\" height=\"375\" src=\"https://www.youtube.com/embed/gbGuOCrP5tQ\" width=\"607\"></iframe></p> LINDA GUILALA reworked by SOFT REGIME https://elefant.com/{*noticia}/1022/LINDA GUILALA reworked by SOFT REGIME <p>We are moving forward with our &ldquo;Reworked By Series&rdquo; collection, where two Elefant artists collaborate to give us a very special result. One artist composes and the other reconstructs. This series has produced many curious and passionate challenges like ATTIC LIGHTS and LA CASA AZUL or THE PRIMITIVES and MODULAR. This fourth release is starring LINDA GUILALA and SOFT REGIME. The group residing in Vigo, who already starred in the third release (that time in collaboration with APENINO) put &ldquo;Mucho Mejor&rdquo;, one of their best songs, on the table. Pure intensity and emotion, a wall of guitars, psychedelia, shoegazing, kraut rock&hellip; The feeling of your feet being lifted off the ground.<br />&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Christian Flamm</strong> of SOFT REGIME takes the song in the opposite direction. He rescues the melodies from the noise and synthesizes LINDA GUILALA&rsquo;s analogue sound, resulting in an addictive and disarming synth-pop hit, euphoric at moments and that sometimes seems to let out a few drops of the evocative capacity of the original. And yes, it is going to be played on dance floors everywhere. The colorful lyrics and ambiguity work perfectly with the drum machines and dreamy keyboards. Food for the spirit.<br />&nbsp;</p><p>It is absolutely spectacular, the way a composition can mutate, just by changing the hands who handle its tracks and melodies. The &ldquo;Reworked By Series&rdquo; is back with more solid proof of this. More than a curiosity, it&rsquo;s a fantasy.</p> LE SUPERHOMARD: &quot;Meadow Lane Park&quot; LP/CD https://elefant.com/{*noticia}/1013/LE SUPERHOMARD: &quot;Meadow Lane Park&quot; LP/CD <p>&ldquo;Meadow Lane Park&rdquo; is the first full-length album from the French quintet LE SUPERHOMARD, after releasing a few EPs on the Japanese label Rallye and the British label Megadodo, and after the advance Single &ldquo;Springtime&rdquo;, released with Elefant Records. This is an album that, right from the cover and the titles of some of the songs, shows us its bucolic vocation. Just put on the song that opens the album, &ldquo;In The Park&rdquo;, and we can see that the landscapes they show us are injected with acid, flooded with stardust, with lysergic caresses, sweet and tremendously pleasant. We haven&rsquo;t heard anything like this since that &ldquo;The Noise Made By People&rdquo; by BROADCAST.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>The thing is, under the play of the synthesizers, under the psychedelic-style muted bases, strings and guitars aimed at lounge, they create an irresistible atmosphere that the album manages in a very special way. We already knew about the danceable roughness of &ldquo;Springtime&rdquo;. &ldquo;Door After Door&rdquo; tells us how strawberry fields would be if they had been discovered today, or how the dreaminess of <strong>Syd Barret</strong> would be. But &ldquo;Paper Girl&rdquo; sets up the first game: with the same elements we find a song that could have been a huge hit by ABBA arranged by <strong>Laetitia Sadier </strong>and <strong>Tim Gane</strong>. &ldquo;Karaoking&rdquo; develops a more classical concept of a song, with a piano presiding and arrangements that remind us somehow of the goldsmithing of another distinguished Frenchman close to Elefant, <strong>Mehdi Zannad</strong>. And the marvelous voice of <strong>Julie Big</strong> taking us toward sonic paradises. &ldquo;Snowflakes&rdquo; takes us back to <strong>Trish Keenan</strong>&rsquo;s band, or even to those marvelous THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Landscapes colored with notes from outer space, or a new test of the power of music: how can a song be capable of painting the marvels of an unknown planet&rsquo;s nature in your head. You don&rsquo;t know where you are, but welcome.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&ldquo;Meadow Lane Park&rdquo; was another advance, with the lyrical strenght of its strings and the kraut rhythm of the powerful mellotrons. &ldquo;Elephant In The Room&rdquo; makes it clear how much of <strong>Burt Bacharach</strong> there is in these songs. Delicious. Majestic. Designed to break hearts without even talking about it. &ldquo;SDVB&rdquo; and &ldquo;Black Diamond&rdquo; put the synthesizers back in the starring role, as well as the arpeggiators, bringing us close to the eighties without betraying the essence of what we have heard so far, and continuing to give us great string arrangements and powerfully evocative details. &ldquo;Refuel&rdquo; dives back into kraut, jazz, astral worlds, submarine journeys. The capacity of the songs to excite our imagination is incredible, especially when it is closed by another instrumental &ldquo;Back To Meadow Lane&rdquo;: overflowing with lyricism, but at the same time visited by martian harmonies. This is all a musical banquet given to use by the band led by <strong>Christophe Vaillant</strong>.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>LE SUPERHOMARD have made an important album, a descendent of a sound that almost was orphaned because of how difficult it is to build it: mixing these different elements and successfully waking up infinite worlds in the listener is a task that not everyone is capable of. But finally, the SuperLobsteris here. There is nothing left to fear.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><iframe allow=\"accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture\" allowfullscreen=\"\" frameborder=\"0\" height=\"375\" src=\"https://www.youtube.com/embed/FIDsLOje_0o\" width=\"607\"></iframe></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><iframe allow=\"accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture\" allowfullscreen=\"\" frameborder=\"0\" height=\"375\" src=\"https://www.youtube.com/embed/JtK0IkrJexI\" width=\"607\"></iframe></p> LOS BONSÁIS: “Hinoki” LP https://elefant.com/{*noticia}/1019/LOS BONSÁIS: “Hinoki” LP <p>After several Singles and two Mini-LP&rsquo;s; after their songs have crossed most of the world&rsquo;s oceans, after having performed in festivals like Popfest in New York and Indietracks in England, and after almost four years of silence since &ldquo;Nordeste&rdquo;, their last Mini-LP, we finally have a new release which is also, as strange as it might sound after six years of activity, LOS BONS&Aacute;IS&rsquo; first album.<br />&nbsp;</p><p>Maybe the title, &ldquo;Hinoki&rdquo;, is not a coincidence. The Hinoki is a type of Japanese cypress that grows very slowly, but can grow to be more than 25 meters tall, and whose wood is used primarily to build palaces. Is this a call for patience? To not rush things and do things slowly but with conviction? Either way, there is no doubt that &ldquo;Hinoki&rdquo; sounds less urgent than its antecedents, although that does not make it any less agile or addictive. Maturity? Yes and no. Because <strong>Helena</strong> and <strong>Nel</strong>&rsquo;s songs continue to make us feel young and rebellious, full of energy and vitality. But at the same time, they show traces of something that only time can reveal.<br />&nbsp;</p><p>Yes, there is fresh, fun indie pop like &ldquo;&iexcl;No Quiero Salir!&rdquo; (which finds interesting parallels with the surfy &ldquo;Septiembre&rdquo;), but above all on the first part of the album, even that reformulated &ldquo;Nubes Y Claros&rdquo;, they talk about taking things slowly, contemplating your surroundings. Even that acoustic take that is &ldquo;No Es Para Tanto&rdquo; makes us think of NOSOTR&Auml;SH and their album &ldquo;Popemas&rdquo;, and above all of LE MANS and the way these groups turned the mundane into poetry. Significant echoes of this also appear on that uninterrupted luxury (or not), &ldquo;La Traves&iacute;a&rdquo;.<br />&nbsp;</p><p>&ldquo;Buena Idea&rdquo; seems to take a different angle, with a touch of noise and one of those bass lines that gets into your head and doesn&rsquo;t let go. But the musical idea is consistent: pure and clear melodies, simple and natural arrangements, close and appealing songs, with small brushes of shoegaze, without being ostentatious but with the clear pretention of getting close to the listener with warmth and affection. This is confirmed with &ldquo;Algo Extra&ntilde;o&rdquo;, &ldquo;Sin Avisar&rdquo; and &ldquo;Presentimiento&rdquo;, where once again the bass takes a lead role, melodically speaking. &ldquo;Galaxia&rdquo; closes this 11-song collection that will be released on magenta-colored vinyl, as a 500-copy numbered-limited edition, with a message that leaves the journey through indecision and patience open (something that somehow confirms this contemplative attitude as a lifestyle) and echoes, as strange as it sounds, of GALAXIE 500. Delicious.<br />&nbsp;</p><p>This is one of those albums that is built with transparent fibers, that traces a direct line to the listener, that runs from artistic alibis and that, ultimately, only offers something that should be a slogan nowadays. The music is a form of communication and a way of making connections. There&rsquo;s too much whispering down the lane. And it&rsquo;s really wonderful when you realize that a group is asking you to listen.<br />&nbsp;</p><p>And for the cherry on top of all this beauty, <strong>Helena</strong> is giving us a wonderful new cover that shows off, as with previous albums, all her talent and good taste as a visual artist.<br /><br />&nbsp;</p> ELEFANT RECORDS: We’re turning 30! https://elefant.com/{*noticia}/1018/ELEFANT RECORDS: We’re turning 30! <p>We just finished celebrating 25 years of Elefant Records and we are already on the verge of turning 30. Time flies, but luckily, but not for nothing. Really exciting new groups, like CARI&Ntilde;O, TRONCO, PUTOCHINOMARIC&Oacute;N, THE LAST DETAIL, RUSH WEEK, LE SUPERHOMARD, <strong>Lia Pamina</strong>, AXOLOTES MEXICANOS, SOFT REGIME, NELEONARD, NOS MIRAN and so many more have enriched a catalogue that is still a celebration of important releases by LA CASA AZUL, LA BIEN QUERIDA, PAPA TOPO, LINDA GUILALA, THE SCHOOL, COOPER, THE PRIMITIVES, <strong>Cristina Quesada</strong>, BMX BANDITS, SINGLE, HELEN LOVE, THE YEARNING, LOS BONS&Aacute;IS, FITNESS FOREVER, ALPACA SPORTS, BAND &Agrave; PART and <strong>Giorgio Tuma</strong>, to name just a few.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>And it has been such a pleasure to look back in these five years with that collection of re-releases that let us relive the feelings we had when we released some of the songs that still make up the label&rsquo;s &ndash; and, luckily, a lot of people&rsquo;s &ndash;</p><p>collective imagination. We look back with the conviction that we are still maintaining intact that young, fresh spirit that led us to release, in those first years of the label, bands like: FAMILY, CAMERA OBSCURA, LE MANS, LOS FLECHAZOS, NOSOTR&Auml;SH, TREMBLING BLUE STARS, SPRING, HEAVENLY, <strong>Carlos Berlanga</strong>, VAINICA DOBLE, NIZA, JUNIPER MOON and so many other that it would be nearly impossible to name them all in these few lines.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>We want to believe that these groups&rsquo; songs are examples of a way of understanding pop, of the magical, infinite power of music, and that our way of working has made it clear that, from an independent concept and platform, it is possible to achieve the incredible. It is so important to support new groups, because they are the groups with new things to say. Through hard work and trusting the music you have in your hands, you can help fan the flame of independent music and make sure it never goes out.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>This has been our life for close to 30 years, and we hope that it continues to be so for many more years.&nbsp;Obviously, talking only about those of us who originally formed Elefant would be too limiting when it comes to thanking the people who have made it possible for us to still be here today. Producers, composers, arrangers, reporters, photographers, designers, movie directors&hellip; They are all necessary agents in this small but complex machinery. And, of course, the listeners and fans. Those who go to concerts, who buy albums, who love vinyl as much as we do, and who, above all, are excited about listening to music where ever they find it. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.<br />&nbsp;</p><p>We are going to celebrate these 30 years in 2019 the best way we know how &ndash; by releasing albums. We have really exciting projects lined up for the coming years and we hope they keep your attention on us and our groups. Some of these albums come from acclaimed groups and others are new projects that are the future of the label. New horizons, for sure, that give us the strength and excitement to keep moving forward. For many years. We&rsquo;ll see you there.</p> PAPA TOPO: Arranca la gira de Adriá Arbona por México https://elefant.com/{*noticia}/1017/PAPA TOPO: Arranca la gira de Adriá Arbona por México El l&iacute;der de Papa Topo regresa a M&eacute;xico despu&eacute;s de la c&aacute;lida acogida que el grupo recibi&oacute; en Chile y Argentina el pasado mes de octubre. &nbsp; Este mes de febrero de 2019 pasar&aacute; por las principales ciudades del pa&iacute;s . &nbsp; En algunos casos, los conciertos ir&aacute;n acompa&ntilde;ados de la proyecci&oacute;n de Puta y Amada, la &uacute;ltima pel&iacute;cula de Marc Ferrer. &nbsp;<p>Despu&eacute;s de la exitosa gira por Chile y Argentina,&nbsp;<strong>Papa Topo regresa a M&eacute;xico para visitar las principales ciudades del pa&iacute;s</strong>. Adri&aacute; Arbona, l&iacute;der de Papa Topo,har&aacute; un repaso completo de su discograf&iacute;a en solo set. Se escuchar&aacute;n las canciones de su primer LP &ldquo;&Oacute;palo Negro&rdquo;, las nuevas canciones de las bandas sonoras de &ldquo;Puta y Amada&rdquo; y de &ldquo;La Maldita Primavera&rdquo;, Oso Panda, La Chica Vampira, las canciones incluidas en su mini-LP &ldquo;Rotaci&oacute;n y Traslaci&oacute;n&rdquo; y alguna maqueta que nunca se ha tocado en un escenario del hemisferio sur.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Algunas visitas ir&aacute;n acompa&ntilde;adas de la proyecci&oacute;n de&nbsp;<em>Puta y Amada</em></strong>, la &uacute;ltima pel&iacute;cula de Marc Ferrer, que cuenta la historia de un par de chicos y de chicas. Marcos es un joven director de cine en crisis, mientras que Adri&aacute;n es un m&uacute;sico que compone canciones pop. A su vez, Julia y Zaida no tienen mucha suerte en sus relaciones pero siguen intent&aacute;ndolo.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Papa Topo,&nbsp;</strong>un grupo de m&uacute;sica exageradamente pop<strong>formado en 2008 por Adri&aacute; Arbona,&nbsp;</strong>voz y teclado del grupo, en Binissalem (Mallorca). Sus canciones son mel&oacute;dicas y tarareables, sus estribillos repetitivos y pegadizos, y sus letras, aparentemente fantasiosas y banales, esconden miedos y preocupaciones.&nbsp;<strong>Su sonido es muy ecl&eacute;ctico</strong>&nbsp;ya que sus influencias est&aacute;n compuestas por todas las m&uacute;sicas muy distintas. Entre las que podemos encontrar desde m&uacute;sica disco, indie-pop cl&aacute;sico, folklore espa&ntilde;ol hasta m&uacute;sica barroca, bossa nova o boleros. As&iacute;, en Papa Topo cabe de todo: hits bailables, baladas tristes o momentos de desenfreno vertiginoso.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Conciertos en M&eacute;xico y EEUU</strong></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><u>Viernes 1 de febrero</u></p><p>Quer&eacute;taro</p><p><strong>Cine Tonal&aacute;</strong></p><p><em>Concierto + Proyecci&oacute;n de Puta y Amada</em></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><u>S&aacute;bado 2 de febrero</u></p><p>CDMX</p><p><strong>Cine Tonal&aacute;</strong></p><p><em>Proyecci&oacute;n de Puta y Amada + Meet &amp; Greet con Hidrogenesse</em></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><u>S&aacute;bado 9 de febrero</u></p><p>Oaxaca</p><p><strong>Pez Eventos</strong></p><p><em>Concierto</em></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><u>S&aacute;bado 16 de febrero</u></p><p>Tijuana</p><p><strong>Cine Tonal&aacute;</strong></p><p><em>Concierto + Proyecci&oacute;n de Puta y Amada</em></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><u>Viernes 22 de febrero</u></p><p>Guadalajara</p><p><strong>Segundo Piso</strong></p><p>Concierto</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><u>S&aacute;bado 23 de febrero</u></p><p>Monterrey</p><p><strong>Nodriza Estudio</strong></p><p><em>Concierto</em></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><u>Mi&eacute;rcoles 27 de febrero</u></p><p>Los &Aacute;ngeles</p><p><strong>Gold Diggers</strong></p><p><em>Concierto</em></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><u>Viernes 1 de marzo</u></p><p>CDMX</p><p><strong>Multiforo 246</strong></p><p><em>Concierto</em></p> RUSH WEEK “Stranger Danger”: on the soundtrack of the Netflix show “Elite” and new video https://elefant.com/{*noticia}/1016/RUSH WEEK “Stranger Danger”: on the soundtrack of the Netflix show “Elite” and new video <p>&nbsp;</p><p>Many people have fallen in love with the nocturnal magic of &ldquo;Stranger Danger&rdquo;, one of the songs from &ldquo;Feels&rdquo;, the first album by RUSH WEEK, the duo from Philadelphia formed by <strong>Rachel K. Haines</strong> and the producer <strong>James Benjamin Thomas. </strong>&ldquo;Stranger Danger&rdquo; is included in the soundtrack of the fourth episode of the Netflix hit show &ldquo;&Eacute;lite&rdquo; (their first single, &ldquo;Feelings&rdquo; was also chosen for the second episode). Today we are releasing the video for the song that highlights its fascinating nocturnal characteristics. It&rsquo;s a journey through the lights and shadows of the night, led by the Argentine director living in Madrid, <strong>Santi Capuz</strong>. The thing is, &ldquo;Stranger Danger&rdquo; plays at being a dazzling mystery, blinding, with a seductive and addictive chorus. Super melodic but slippery electronic pop, with a hopeful THE XX, or as if <strong>St. Vincent</strong> were going to do a cover of TALK TALK, trying to find the pop formula of the future. Enjoy.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><iframe allow=\"accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture\" allowfullscreen=\"\" frameborder=\"0\" height=\"375\" src=\"https://www.youtube.com/embed/5O3OmJ-a5lM\" width=\"607\"></iframe></p> ATTIC LIGHTS: Release their third album &quot;Love In The Time Of Shark Attacks&quot; https://elefant.com/{*noticia}/1012/ATTIC LIGHTS: Release their third album &quot;Love In The Time Of Shark Attacks&quot; <p><strong>Kev, Colin, Jamie&nbsp;</strong>and <strong>Noel</strong> spend a tremendous amount of time crafting their songs to perfection. With ten years of meticulous pop songcraft behind ATTIC LIGHTS, we now hold in our hands their third album, &ldquo;Love In The Time Of Shark Attacks&rdquo;. The band prove that even though time passes for everyone else, they maintain the same pop inspiration, killer melodies and heavenly harmonies that have seen them compared to THE LEMONHEADS, TEENAGE FANCLUB and R.E.M. With the rest of the world turning upside down and getting crazier with each passing day, ATTIC LIGHTS still hold tightly to their core values of love and imagination.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Who could argue as you place the needle in the groove and hear those opening notes of &ldquo;Never By Myself&rdquo;? This song was the advance Single for the album and has it&rsquo;s own peculiar story behind it. It was written by <strong>Colin </strong>when he got lost and left behind after a concert in Inverness (Scotland). The band were so tired that night that no one realized <strong>Colin</strong> wasn&rsquo;t in the tour bus and they left for the next city. <strong>Colin</strong>&rsquo;s phone was out of battery and he spent the whole night wandering around the town, ultimately sleeping on a bench by Loch Ness. The next day, he caught a bus to meet up with his band mates in the next town on the tour, and on the way he wrote this marvelous song that captures the spirit of THE HOLLIES and THE KINKS. If it was an unfortunate experience for Colin, he&rsquo;ll be happy to know that it resulted in one of the band&rsquo;s best ever songs. &ldquo;Ruby&rsquo;s Song&rdquo; is the sound of BIG STAR covering the ROLLING STONES at their most elegantly riff-tastic. &ldquo;Come Back To Me&rdquo; takes us back to THE VELVET UNDERGROUND and the delicate, inspired guitar work of <strong>Sterling Morrison </strong>himself. On &ldquo;People Come On&rdquo; the band showcase their ability to work with psychedelic pop. Inspired in equal parts by THE SHINS and THE BEATLES (in the era of &ldquo;Sgt. Pepper&rsquo;s Lonely Hearts Club Band&rdquo;), ATTIC LIGHTS have created an anthem for a new generation. It&rsquo;s a song about the current state of the world, which tries to incite people to think for themselves and fight for a fairer, more honest society. &ldquo;Fables&rdquo; lets shadows into the room for the first time, evoking the wistful spirit of <strong>Elliot Smith</strong> and <strong>Simon &amp; Garfunkel </strong>in a song that seduces the listener with the sheer bareness of the composition.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&ldquo;Louis&rdquo;, (along with &ldquo;Ruby&rsquo;s Song&rdquo;) celebrates the birth of new babies in the heart of a group who are as close as brothers, with a verse that is just as hummable as the chorus. A couple doses of THE LEMONHEADS to fight the pain, a few TEENAGE FANCLUB vitamins, and you get the essence of the best that Scottish pop has to offer &ndash; no kind of malady can stand up to that. A country inspiration shines through on &ldquo;I Found A Girl&rdquo;, where we are reminded of <strong>Gram Parsons</strong> and THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS. You already know what that means - harmonies verging on the heavenly. &ldquo;Palace Of Losers&rdquo; throws out one of the more bitter messages on the album, with another raw, bare bones song with fascinating lyrics and a loping melody. A lesson in how to make sadness beautiful. It&rsquo;s the song <strong>Will Oldham</strong> or <strong>Bill Callahan</strong> wish they had written. &ldquo;Kings Of Whatever&rdquo; nods to the distortion, urgency and self-confidence of the PIXIES. The album closes with &ldquo;Back Rub&rdquo; which shows off a strong American influence again, this time melancholic, maybe more mature, more disarming, more serious, and more solid as a result. Like when <strong>Neil Young</strong> or <strong>Tom Waits</strong> sat down at the piano: you knew something important was about to happen.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>In the end, it&rsquo;s about a collection of absolutely solid songs. The kind that seem unassuming, but you can&rsquo;t stop playing them, and soon you can&rsquo;t get them out of your head and they wind up becoming a part of the soundtrack of your life. Because that&rsquo;s the true essence of pop - those melodies that slip into our lives, and take on a value that is beyond estimatation. Like TEENAGE FANCLUB, VELVET CRUSH, THE POSIES, THE BOO RADLEYS, THE THREE O&rsquo;CLOCK and so many more.</p><p><br />That&rsquo;s what we hope happens with these new ATTIC LIGHTS songs, produced by <strong>Johnny Smillie</strong> (BELLE &amp; SEBASTIAN, <strong>Edwyn Collins</strong>) and <strong>Andy Bush</strong> (THE TWILIGHT SAD) and wrapped in a <strong>Gorka Olmo</strong>&#39;s fantastic design, with his magic and luminous illustrations. To a world with fewer sharks! At least out of the water.<br /><br />&nbsp;</p> CRISTINA QUESADA: &quot;Hero&quot; 7&quot; advance Single for her second album, ... https://elefant.com/{*noticia}/1011/CRISTINA QUESADA: &quot;Hero&quot; 7&quot; advance Single for her second album, “Think I Heard A Rumour” <p>It has been close to four years since her first album, &ldquo;You&rsquo;re The One&rdquo; and about six since that unforgettable version of &ldquo;Pineapple Princess&rdquo; that got <strong>Cristina Quesada</strong>&rsquo;s career at Elefant Records started, with that 7&rdquo; Single for our &ldquo;New Adventures In Pop&rdquo; collection. But time doesn&rsquo;t pass in vain, and <strong>Cristina</strong> is back, more mature, with something radically different than that ukulele that so identified her. This time, synth-pop, italo-disco, euro-pop and techno-pop are the parameters that guide her new songs, which this time have a collaborator/producer/arranger/composer to die for: nothing more and nothing less than <strong>Joe Moore </strong>himself (THE YEARNING, THE PERFECT KISS, <strong>Lia Pamina</strong>), who is in the process of making the adjective &ldquo;prolific&rdquo; sound insufficient.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>With this, amidst synthesizers, keyboards and eighties drum machines, we have &ldquo;Hero&rdquo;, the first advance Single of her second album &ldquo;Think I Heard A Rumour&rdquo;, and a good simple of the focus of the album &ndash; disco hits from the end of the 80s and beginning of the nineties, with complex harmonic developments and impossible turns that, according to <strong>Moore</strong>, &ldquo;push the choruses even higher&rdquo;. It&rsquo;s an instant classic included among SAINT ETIENNE at their most danceable, the Japanese pop of <strong>Tommy February6</strong>, the earliest recordings of THE SOUND OF ARROWS or PET SHOP BOYS&rsquo; poppiest songs. The A side of the Single also includes a version of &ldquo;Mona Lisa&rdquo; by LIO, proof of the protagonists of this release&rsquo;s love of French sounds, and an absolutely exquisite setting for an unforgettable song.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&ldquo;Think I Heard A Rumour&rdquo;, the song that opens the B side and will also be included on her new album, is pure techno-pop with clear echoes of NEW ORDER, with surprising changes and turns but at the same time a heavenly chorus. This is a song that we can perfectly imagine giving flavor to the most glamorous and dreamiest summer nights on the dance floors of the whole Mediterranean area. The intention was to write perfect pop songs and <strong>Joe Moore </strong>always achieves this. And if there were any doubts, <strong>Cristina </strong>and <strong>Joe </strong>close with another song that is exclusive for this Single, &ldquo;Into You&rdquo;, with the same parameters we mentioned before: galloping bpms, martial basses somewhere between DESIRELESS and BANANARAMA, choruses as catchy as ABBA&rsquo;s, italo-disco influences and the soles of shoes on fire. Another hit for this Single that will be released as a Digital Single and on a 500-copy numbered limited-edition 7&rdquo; forest green vinyl.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>And yes, it&rsquo;s amazing&hellip; We have a new divine alliance to add to Mr.<strong>Moore</strong>&rsquo;s list. And we are so happy and proud to do so. And this is just a taste of how incredible <strong>Cristina Quesada</strong>&rsquo;s second album is going to be. The album will be released this coming April, and it will be full of surprises. In addition to the songs <strong>Joe </strong>composed especially for this album, we will also find a previously unreleased song by <strong>Ibon Errazkin </strong>and <strong>Teresa Iturrioz</strong> which we have rescued for the occasion. We also have some versions in French, Swedish and Portuguese, a duet with <strong>Andreas </strong>(ALPACA SPORTS) and an exclusive song that <strong>Ana </strong>from LA BIEN QUERIDA wrote for <strong>Cristina</strong>.</p> LOS BONSÁIS: &quot;¡No Quiero Salir!&quot; Digital Single https://elefant.com/{*noticia}/1015/LOS BONSÁIS: &quot;¡No Quiero Salir!&quot; Digital Single <p>We couldn&rsquo;t be more excited to have news about LOS BONS&Aacute;IS and to hear their new songs. <strong>Helena</strong> and <strong>Nel</strong> gave us almost four years&rsquo; worth of silence after reaching such a huge impact with their Singles and Mini-LP&rsquo;s, even beyond our borders, in the United States and Japan. It has been four years since their last collection of their own songs and three years since that 7&rdquo; of covers of four of their favorite bands: TV PERSONALITIES, THE VASELINES, BLACK TAMBOURINE and THE PASTELS. But now they are back with that same freshness and with those same delicious and immediate melodies. The bass comes in first, the drums come trotting in a moment later, the guitar lets out a few arpeggios and then the chorus comes and everything falls marvelously into place. &ldquo;&iexcl;No Quiero Salir!&rdquo; is a hymn to laziness made with astonishing sweetness. The video that illustrates it is good proof of that: books, comics, dresses and a sense of humor, in a garden full of flowers. Attitude, it&rsquo;s called. We cannot wait to be able to share &ldquo;Hinoki&rdquo;, their first LP, with you. We are so close to getting our hands on the album, and on it they don&rsquo;t hide, more than ever, their passion for AVENTURAS DE KIRLIAN and LE MANS.</p> LE SUPERHOMARD: &quot;Paper Girl&quot; Digital Single https://elefant.com/{*noticia}/1014/LE SUPERHOMARD: &quot;Paper Girl&quot; Digital Single <p>While we are patiently waiting for the release of the debut of album (&ldquo;Meadow Lane Park&rdquo;) by the French group LE SUPERHOMARD on Elefant Records, and after that lysergic kraut-pop attraction that was their first advance Single &ndash; the 7&rdquo;, pink vinyl, &ldquo;Springtime EP&rdquo; &ndash; we are advancing you another little appetizer for the album. &ldquo;Paper Girl&rdquo; offers us the poppiest and most immediate side of a group that is capable of bringing together the melodic effectiveness of ABBA, the rhythmic martial tones of STEREOLAB and the cosmic vision of BROADCAST, all in the same song. The sonic fantasy they unleash in their compositions is shown off well in this song, and also in the video that goes with it. We are amazed at the overwhelming imagination represented in images that this video gives us &ndash; a digital cut/paste with surprising results that even goes beyond the amazing work <strong>Pooley</strong> (Woom Studio) did in the video for &ldquo;Springtime&rdquo;, which was marvelous. And for the exclusive B side of this Digital Single, we have a remix by CUCUMBER (musical project from the multifaceted<strong>&nbsp;Pooley</strong>) who share LE SUPERHOMARD&rsquo;sdevotion to all things vintage, and to organic and hallucinogenic sounds from the 60s and the 70s. The result is the other side of the same coin: more martial and hypnotic, maintaining its accessible spirit, playing with other cards from a similar deck, which in this case take &ldquo;Paper Girl&rdquo; to a spacey, elegant pop that is highly evocative.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><iframe allow=\"accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture\" allowfullscreen=\"\" frameborder=\"0\" height=\"375\" src=\"https://www.youtube.com/embed/FIDsLOje_0o\" width=\"607\"></iframe></p>